Angela Kang Confirms Heath’s Whereabouts!

After his character became popular on the show after his self and Glenn killed someone rather than something for the very first time together, Heath mysteriously disappeared after he was in a tight situation along with Tara that fell off the bridge (Leading her to Oceanside).  Angela Kang has finally revealed the whereabouts of Heath, being taken by who else but Jadis and being traded for supplies with the mysterious voice. But what was he, an A or a B? Only time will tell.

We know this as his RV was spotted back in Season 7 (Episode 10) in the shot below we see the RV that was very familiar to his that he used for getting around in. This was all just a fan theory originally but showrunner Angela Kang confirmed that it was correct to INSIDER’s Kirsten Acuna in an interview after Rick’s last episode. He WAS taken away to the same place that Rick was. Does that mean we might see Heath in Ricks trilogy of movies coming?

Originally, everybody just thought his character was gone as he was confirmed to leave the show to begin work on a new 24 series along with various films like BlackkKlansman. Angela Kang confirmed that even though his character was to be written out, the foundation of his whereabouts was already there before these theories were crafted.

So to wrap it up, we will be seeing Heath (Corey Hawkins) in The Walking Dead universe somewhere. But he might not ever return to the TV show as that would compromise the rest of the characters knowing that Rick is alive.

Let me know what you think about this below, and if you’re looking forward to the return of Heath in The Walking Dead universe.


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