First Minutes of 9×06 Revealed

Posted by BielPromo, we see the first 5 minutes of 9×06 Who are you now? This show’s the aftermath still left on our beloved characters 6 years down the line. Daryl seems to be spending most of his time alone, fending for his self however we do see that he gets his own pet dog.

Carol now has long hair (WOAH), she’s spent 9 years on the show with her iconic short hair and now we’re being shown long white locks? I bet Ezekiel had something to do with it as they’re now probably classed King and Queen of the Kingdom.

What about Michonne? I’m digging her new hairstyle, she seems to be back to her old destructive ways but still seems to be the leader of Alexandria as we saw in the previous episodes of Season 9. Talking to someone throughout the video, we never really see who it actually is which I’m only guessing could be the son/daughter of Rick Grimes, as we were teased with a possible pregnancy previously.

Let me know what your thoughts are below!


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