Maggies Departure, Could Lead To Movie Of Her Own!

As most of us know by now that Rick Grimes wasn’t the only character we lost on Sunday. We also lost Anne, or Jadis as the mysterious voice on the helicopter knew her as.

But what about Maggie? We werent given any indication that she was leaving. As that was her last episode too. But as important as she is in the show why wasn’t she given any limelight so to speak? She was leading, commanding the others as they courageously went to save Rick.

This is because it was all about Ricks departure, not hers. The impact wouldn’t have been the same if it was advertised that it was her last episodes too.

But that doesn’t mean she’s gone from the universe altogether. She could very well star in her own movie after the timejump along with baby Hershel. As she hasn’t confirmed that she’ll be returning to the show after landing a star role in her new TV show, Whiskey Cavalier. Which she looks badass in may I add.

Let’s hope Maggie Rhee still has a future with the show like she deserves.

Let me know what you think below!


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