Dwight’s ‘Possible’ Return To The Walking Dead

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Fan favourite Dwight (Austin Amelio) was basically kicked off the show by crossbow-wielding, double dagger, long haired unclean post-apocalyptic unstoppable force of nature or otherwise known as Daryl, last season. But what really happened to Dwight? Let’s get into it.

Dwight, or otherwise known as “D” to a few people. Is one of the main characters in Season 7 and 8, but is also seen in Season 6. He is a very high ranking member of the Saviours, under Negan as someone that wishes to “dethrone” him from ruling over the current world. This all occurs as “ex-wife” Sherry is released from the Sanctuary by Daryl, meaning that Dwight didn’t have any other purpose to stay. He was trapped at the Sanctuary because Negan took his wife (Aswell as a number of others), and if he tried to leave he knew what would happen to him (More than the iron this time). He joined the Militia for a short while (Alexandria) before rejoining the Saviors basically as a rat plotting completely against them until Laura returned back to the Sanctuary to blow his operation.

But where did Dwight go after he was threatened and exiled by Daryl? It’s most likely possible that he attempted to find Sherry and leave the area completely. But his return to the Walking Dead universe could be much larger than we anticipate. After the announcement of the three movies that will star Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) we were told by Gimple himself that they won’t just be following his story, they’ll be expanding the universe completely. New characters, old characters, past and present to further our knowledge of the apocalyptic world. I previously posted about Abraham’s potential return, but what about others like Dwight?

We could very well see what’s happened to Dwight in one of the movies, or even back to the show. Was he taken by the helicopter too to what we could only imagine being the Commonwealth? Does he return to the Sanctuary to lead them, we could very possibly see the rebuilding of the Sanctuary under the control of Dwight if he ever returns. Or is a completely different story arc going to be unravelled as he returns to the show and has to deal with Daryl and the upcoming Whisperers story arc.

After all, Dwight was and still is a very liked character after all he’s done to Ricks’ group (Killing Denise, shooting Daryl etc.) Just like Negan, we hated him at first but grew to love him as we saw more and more of him.

What do you guys think of Dwight’s possible return to the Walking Dead universe?

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