Negan: Was It An Act, Or Is He Broken?


As we’ve all seen throughout the past few seasons of Negan reigning over the majority of the area. The Saviours have been a ruthless group, showing no mercy in the way they like to save people. But in the last couple of episodes leading up to Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) departure, we saw a very different Negan.

Let’s get into Negans personality, as well as his background. Firstly Negan is the marmite of The Walking Dead, you either love him or you hate him. And the majority of people hate him, especially after the fan favourites Abraham and Glenn were killed off back in Season 7. Jeffrey Dean Morgan portrays the perfect Negan right from the comics. The show really did a great job casting him. With a very inappropriate sense of humour, not to mention his brutality when it comes to saving people Negan is a very destructive character that gets his own way, period. Although he is hated by a huge percentile of viewers, you can’t knock what he’s done to the world. He’s worshipped by many at the Sanctuary, as his leadership is second to none. He is like Rick in many ways, being an excellent strategist, strong-willed and not to mention the fear he affects his enemies with.

Secondly, let’s look at his background. Pre-apocalypse he had a wife that was named Lucille. She was suffering from cancer deeply and by the end of her fight with it was very weak. After she died, she actually reanimated but Negan couldn’t bring himself to put her down. Which later on Negan realised that Lucille was his one weakness. Dedicating her life to his dreaded weapon (Baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire) that we love/hate to see, it never leaves his side.

But what would happen if Lucille was taken away from Negan? We’re shown this at the end of Season 8 when Rick spares his life after slightly slicing his throat (Straight out of the comics!). Negan is shown in a prison cell, where he is left to rot rather than killed so he can be shown the new world being rebuilt without his murderous ways. As he speaks to Michonne (Danai Gurira) we see a very different side of his personality. We see the side that he hasn’t let anybody see in a long time (Disregarding the finale of Season 8), only Lucille would have seen him like this. But why do we see Negan show this side of him? It’s because he’s trying to wear Michonne down, evidently shown as it was all to try and see Lucille once more. He explains to her that he’s connected to the dead, just like Michonne is (Remember, Michonne lost her son Andre at the start of the apocalypse).

After Negan has a talk with Michonne, and he realises that he isn’t going to get to see Lucille again because nobody knows where it (or she) is. He is visited by Maggie (Lauren Cohan), who has come to kill him. Maggie, to begin with, shows no remorse or sympathy for Negan after what he did. However, as the scene escalates we see Negan completely break down. This is because the last thing he drew strength from was now gone (Lucille). in tears, he begs Maggie to kill him. But Maggie leaves him alive, as she tells him he’s far worse than dead, which is true.

So, to sum all this up Negan isn’t putting on an act. There is no way Negan could use the only thing he cared about in such a bad manner, to try and get out of this situation he is in. He cares way too much about Lucille, and wouldn’t dream of using her like this. He is completely truthful in this scene and means every word he says.

Have a different opinion? Let me know below!

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