New Breakthrough For The A or B Theory!

It’s been a week now since we last saw Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) finally leave the show but in a legendary fashion. Everyone has been wondering what on earth A or B means? There are multiple theories already developed along with my own which you can find here, however, there is a new one finally cropping up all over the place.

In the shot above, we can clearly see the A helicopter coming to pick up the A that Anne promised to them, however, there is a mysterious looking sign on the back end of it. But what is it? Let me explain.

At first thought, it looks like a biohazard symbol, but looking closely at the scene we see three circles looping each other. Could this mean a number of processes that have been specifically planned? The first circle could mean before the apocalypse even started. There was already war, pollution and a huge amount of other problems that were affecting everyone. Someone could have had an idea to restart the world and try again.

Secondly, if this virus was created on purpose, then it was possibly either the government or some sort of secret agency/society. This would mean that the second stage of the symbol has also been achieved. So once this had been released into the air, everyone had been effected which Rick was told by Jenner at the CDC back in Season One.

What could the third circle of the symbol mean though? A or B.

To complete this trio of circles to make up the symbol, they needed some kind of plan to repopulate the earth. And that’s where the A’s and B’s come into it. They could be looking to collect a small number of specific people to repopulate the earth once civilisation eventually is gone.

Now let’s explain how an A and a B are different from other theories in this one. The A could mean this society that clearly has enough fuel to travel large distances via helicopter, are needing people that have recently been infected. Where could they get this from? Season One. Jenner at the CDC explains to Rick that they had a volunteer “Test Subject 19” who was bitten that was willing to let them record the process of the transformation. (TS-19 was Jenner’s wife).

Dr Edwin Jenner: “The resurrection times vary wildly. We had reports of it happening in as little as three minutes. The longest we heard of was eight hours. In the case of this patient, it was two hours, one minute… Seven seconds.”

This is something that we need to take on board when discussing this theory, did you notice in the helicopter Rick was taken away in had a fully fitted medical bay in it? Why would a helicopter need this? Because they knew someone who was an A had to be injured in some way, or in this case. Bitten. The medical supplies in the helicopter were there to delay the process until they returned back to the society where they were.

As for B’s, these are the people that are considered to belong in this new world. Just like Rick. We see him being classed as an A throughout the season, however, Gabriel tells Anne as she’s holding a walker to his face that she’s valued. Telling her that she is a member of the community, not an outsider like she used to be. This changes Anne’s mind as she promised to bring someone to the extraction point but couldn’t. Why couldn’t she? It’s because she couldn’t hurt Gabriel that she had tremendous feelings for. And she also couldn’t trade Rick as an A as she comes across him, she considers him a B.

So this could be the three processes of the mysterious symbol:

First – Collapse of society
Second – Extinction
Third – Repopulate (A, and B)

Have your own theory? Let me know below!

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Credit – Tommy Forbes


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