*UPDATED* Is R.J Real? Or Is Michonne Experiencing Hallucinations?

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First before you read this theory, I want you to know I crafted it respecting the confirmation of Angela Kang and Dani Gurira on Talking Dead.

We’ve been lied to like this before, a first example would be the official trailer for season 5. Which tells us that Terminus is going to help Ricks group and head to Washington. Another example would be Glenn’s first death. His name is removed from the opening credits, as well as various confirmations in interviews. As it later revealed he was hidden under the dumpster.

Michonne (Danai Gurira) was fantastic in the latest episode of The Walking Dead. We see her grieving still after 6 years without Rick, or Carl. And that obviously sends out alarm bells ringing to do with her mental state. Is it possible that she could be experiencing hallucinations? Just like Rick (Andrew Lincoln) was?

Towards the end of the episode, we’re shown Michonne enjoying normal life within her home she, Rick, Carl and Judith originally lived in. As she is spied on by Magna, she plans to attack Michonne but has her mind changed as we’re shown for the first time on screen “R.J” which could only mean Rick Junior. I think influence for this name came from Telltales The Walking Dead, as the baby in that game that Clementine brings up is called “AJ” standing for Alvin Junior.

This is the scene I am most interested in. My question is. Is R.J even real? I don’t believe so. Why? Let me explain. At the beginning of the episode, what do we see? Michonne talking to herself (Or Rick). Halfway through the episode, she speaks to herself once more before she is cut short by Judith.

“But you weren’t here, and neither was he, you didn’t have to go through” – Michonne

What could this mean? She is clearly referring to Rick and Carl here but what did Michonne have to go through without them being here? Was R.J born and lost along the way?

The whole episode as well, we only ever see Michonne interacting with R.J. We do see Magna see Michonne through the window with R.J. But a past connection with Michonne could certainly question this scene.

Now let’s get back previously to the council meeting.

“I remember, and I know that you do too” – Michonne

We still don’t know what this means, did they suffer an attack in the past that led to the death of R.J? Michonne is adamant about not letting anyone in Alexandria.

How do we know that she isn’t having hallucinations just like Rick was? All the signs and hints are there that Michonne is mentally ill.

Also, notice the scarring of Michonne and relate that back to how against she is new people entering Alexandria. We’re shown blades by Magna. Hinting that they trusted someone before, which led to her being wounded in some way.

Now, let’s take notice of the X on her back. What could that mean? Well. Earlier on in the episode, Michonne exposes Magna at the council meeting as a prisoner. Serving time. She knows this by revealing a tattoo, that tattoo is the same shape as the X, but not connected. For Magna, this tattoo means four walls and her in the middle. This could also mean for Michonne, a similar situation however with the four endpoints being Rick, Carl, Judith and herself with R.J in the middle.

After being wounded and possibly losing her baby (R.J) the X scarring could be self-inflicted on herself.

Also, how does Michonne even know Magna has that tattoo? She is wearing gloves clearly covering the tattoo until it is uncovered by Michonne. Without this being seen off-screen how could she know? She then takes a wild guess at her left hand for the tattoo? That’s either poor writing, or she has the ability to read people’s minds.

This could tell us that they share a past, and have met somewhere along the way of Michonnes pregnancy, as both the X and her Tattoo share the same shape. Only the connections with Michonne, which references her family. Remember, before Magnas group arrives at Alexandria consisted of 5 members, not 4. Kelly, Connie, Luke, Bernie and Magna in the middle as she is considered the leader.

Michonne and Magna definitely share some sort of connection.

If R.J is real, which I actually hope is true then that’s fair enough but it’s a possibility he isn’t. We’ll find out soon enough! All opinions are respected.

Let me know what you think below!

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