Where Is Maggie? Explained!

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After Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) departure of The Walking Dead last week, we also saw longtime fan favourite Maggie (Lauren Cohan) also depart from the show. But definitely not in the same manner as Rick.

But why did she disappear without a trace? Let’s get into it. In her last episode, she finally confronts Negan after almost two years of holding back from it. Her story arc wraps itself up, as we see her spare Negans life realising that by leaving him alive he is already worse than dead. Now, after the huge time jump (six years) there is no trace of her or even a mention of her in the latest episode (9×06 Who are you now?). However, in the episode, it does reference towards the communities being divided.

“Hilltop seems more distant than ever” – Ezekiel (Khary Payton)

Telling us that Hilltop hasn’t been a part of anything for a long time, only telling us that something major possibly happened to Maggie. Before Ricks departure, Hilltop was the one thriving the most. All communities were asking for their help, as she delivered food to them as long as a percentage of the workforce at the bridge.

We don’t know what happened during the time jump, but Maggie is definitely no longer around. And in the latest episode, we see she isn’t mentioned directly. Angela Kang confirms that in future episodes Maggies’ whereabouts will be explored. Whether that includes baby Hershel or not we don’t know.

It is unclear what happened during the time jump, but Maggie is no longer around. And although the specifics weren’t addressed in episode six, showrunner Angela Kang confirms that future episodes will explore what happened.

“There’s definitely a story point to the fact that Maggie is gone”

“We know what the backstory is, and there are pieces of it that are dribbled out”

“We have a very clear idea of what she’s off doing and what’s going on, but that’s part of the backstory of the story we’ll be telling going forward.”

“This was her last screen appearance for this season, but we very much have more stories we want to tell for Maggie”

– Angela Kang

Could this be a hint at the upcoming movies that are mentioned?

Angela Kang confirms that she will not be shown at all for the rest of the season, due to the commitments she now has as she landed a starring role in her new TV show on ABC, Whiskey Cavalier.

This can only give us promise for the return of Maggie. And once she does return, this will be one hell of a comeback. Let me know what you think below could be her return, and do you think baby Hershel is with her?

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