*CONFIRMED* Where Is Tara? Explained!

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After last nights episode 9×06 (Where are you now?) we see character after character, Eugene, Rosita, Siddiq, Aaron. Giving us a sense of relief, however, another favourite in the show police academy student Tara Chambler (Alanna Masterson) is missing. But why is she missing? How is she missing? Let’s get into it.

The last appearance we see of her is at the bridge in Ricks final episode. Closely behind Maggie, Michonne and Carol. But where could she be now? Oceanside. This is definitely a possibility after she forms a slight bond with Cyndie (Sydney Park). We see this as Cyndie helps her escape Oceanside, knocking her friend Beatrice out of the way. Now notice how Cyndie is given a little bit more screen time in Season 9 than what she’s ever had before. Could this mean we see a close friendship between Tara and Cyndie, ruling over Oceanside? That’s definitely one possibility.

The next possibility is that she could have simply got up and left, as we saw the majority of Ricks group break apart after the bridge exploded. Daryls now a wanderer, Maggie disappeared, Ricks gone, Carols leading the Kingdom with Ezekiel. Tara was a very loyal character, especially to Glenn (Steven Yeun) after he saved her back at the prison in Episode 8 of Season 4. So after his death, along with the group falling apart she could have broken away from the communities and gone to find Heath (Corey Hawkins). Heath was lost previously in Episode 6 of Season 7, as Tara and himself were on a supply run. Tara ends up falling off a bridge as she’s overwhelmed by walkers, later washing up close to Oceanside. She could be trying to find Heath, as she still obviously wonders where he could be after six years without any sighting.

She could also have just retreated to Hilltop, to help run things there. After the loss of their leader, Maggie. Things can’t be going too well for them as they isolate themselves from the rest of the communities, we’re told this by Ezekiel in this weeks episode.

This is actually confirmed in Skybound’s Weekly Power Rankings that she goes to play a major role at Hilltop after the loss of their leader. Jesus is now leading things, whilst Tara becomes his right hand.

“Tara will also be instrumental at Hilltop following Maggie’s departure during the Hilltop” – Skybound

So there we have it, Tara is at Hilltop. Running things along with Jesus, as Enid takes up the role of doctor after being taught by Siddiq.

Let me know what you think below!

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One thought on “*CONFIRMED* Where Is Tara? Explained!

  1. Hi
    I don’t agree with your theory that Rj is an illusion, I believe him to be real or why did Magna change her mind and not break into Michonne house, also there was a scene with Judith where she said her job was to look after her meaning Judith and your brother, I get where you would or could see Michonne having mental issues and maybe that’s why Judith seems so wise, but I see her tougher than that, yes I think something happened after Rick’s demise, maybe it was simply them allowing people in while they were still weak and grieving for Rick another group could have tried a take over, which could explain why there are suddenly loads of kids around, maybe they had to kill the core of a new group and others remained, that of course would explain all of their reluctance to allow new people in, perhaps during that time Michonne was tourtured, but if that was the case how come Negan is still locked up, unless it was Saviours not Jess group but the others, Michonne has stayed in a news conference that she liked the idea that Rick left her with a son and referred to him as saying that’s more Grime’s. We shall see but I really do hope your wrong this time. Great reads by the way super job


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