The Walking Dead Origins: Glenn?

Being just about everyone’s favourite character on The Walking Dead, Glenn (Steven Yeun) could be a very potential character to come back and play his role BEFORE he came across Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) trapped in that tank.
Hey you… Dumbass… Yeah, you in the tank… Cozy in there? – Glenn

We’ve heard a number of possibilities, like Abraham and Eugene, Shane, aswell as communities like Terminus. But what would we see of Glenn if he was given an Origins story of his own?

In Episode 2 of Season 1 “Guts” we’re told briefly about Glenn’s past as Daryl (Norman Reedus) asks what he used to do before the apocalypse.

“Hey kid, what did you do before all this?” – Daryl

“Delivered pizzas why?” – Glenn

This could be a great opportunity to use for an origin story of Glenn. The fandom is there to support it, so why not?

Who wouldn’t love to see Glenn one more time when so many people hoped for his appearance in Ricks last episode, but had their hearts broken once more as it never occurred.

But what could we see of Glenn? We could see his very first “geek” kill after the outbreak started, how his family died. We could even see him delivering his pizzas around the city, as that’s where his main looting trait came from, knowing the quickest ways around to get to and from places.

The main story possible though for Glenn in the Origins spinoffs, would be him searching for his family. If you didn’t know originally, he fails to reconnect with them in Macon, Georgia as the outbreak begins so instead heads to Atlanta in hope to find his brother. This is where the comic book/TV series begins as he joins onto the group on the outskirts, leading the supply run group in and out of the city.

He even made an appearance in TellTales The Walking Dead game back in the first season, as this is his story BEFORE the Comics/TV Series. You would have expected the voicing of him to be Steven Yeun, however it was a voice actor named Nick Herman. Who still did a great job.

Lee Everitt (The main character in the game of Season 1, partially adopts Glenn’s story line instead).

So what do you think? Is there any possibility Steven Yeun could reprise his role as fan favourite Glenn? Let me know below!

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