The Walking Dead Origins: Terminus?

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As we all know previously announced on Talking Dead the other week, there will be three movies starring Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). Scott Gimple, also goes onto say that they will be exploring the past, present and quite possibly the future of The Walking Dead universe.

Everyone’s been trying to guess, including myself about past stories especially we may find. I’ll post a link to one of my other theories at the end of this one, but for now, let’s get on with Terminus.

Back at the end of Season Four, and running into a few episodes of Season Five Terminus wasn’t around for long. This is one of the reasons I think we may see more of Terminus, I feel like their real story wasn’t completely told. Yes, at the beginning of Season 5 were shown a short clip of how Terminus was, but only AFTER the bandits came and changed everything. How excellent would it be to see Gareth (Andrew J. West) and Mary (Denise Crosby) in a very different time? Before they were ruthless, unforgiving cannibals.

If you’re a fanatic of The Walking Dead, then you will remember the very deceiving trailer we were given for Season 5. It shows us Terminus believing them about Washington and deciding to actually agree to go with them. But does this happen in the show? No. So this is certainly one reason why I think they could give us more on Terminus, to redeem what they promised in the trailer.

Another reason is that the past of Terminus is very different from the one we’re actually shown. Terminus was once a true place, offering sanctuary for all like the signs said to Rick and the rest of his group previously. However, these signs were very old and hadn’t been touched in a long time. The group didn’t think of that though before arriving, they were drawn into this place after the destruction of the prison, that they lived in for almost 2 Seasons.

The original residents were Mary and a few others, Mary is the character that Carol shoots and leaves for the dead in her most badass episode to date. As they put up these signs, they welcomed in any resident and fed them and gave them a place to stay as well as walls to hide behind. But as the apocalypse grew darker and darker, so did the people as we’re told that one group in particular (Bandits) came and took over the whole town. And for unanswered questions, they kept a number of them in train carts before killing some at random as well as raping the women over and over.

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After weeks of the bandits owning Terminus, they manage to escape the carts and overcome them resulting in retaking the town. As punishments for the bandits they hadn’t already killed in retaliation, Mary and the others had no choice but to resort to Cannibalism. This was due to the bandits completely eating their whole food supply. Eating most of the group, they did keep one member of them alive however which was their leader. We see this leader as Glenn opens one of the crates as they’re escaping that has clearly become deranged after he was tortured over and over by the original group. As this was the first time they encountered something like this, they crafted a new idea in how they live at Terminus. They kept up their signs to bait in people like Rick and his group so they never had to grow food, as people seeking shelter always ended up there. Only to have their throats slit and drained of blood, to then be decapitated and eventually eaten.

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The leader of the group, Gareth (Mary’s son) leads this idea as he begins to run the new Terminus. Their motto “You’re the butcher or you’re the cattle.” was proof that they once were good people, but had to become the butcher to survive. They did still offer the people who arrived at Terminus a chance though, they asked them if they wanted to accept their way of life and become a Cannibal however if they refused they were captured and well, you know the rest.

So this is definitely another reason that I think they could certainly create an Origin story of Terminus. As we never actually get to see it. We only see it as the bandits have taken over.

Got any other ideas for Origin stories? Let me know below!

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