Where is Sherry? Explained!

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Being one of Negan’s (Jeffery Dean Morgan) wives in The Walking Dead. Sherry (Christine Evangelista), was one of Negans wives. She became one of his few wives because of a failed attempt at stealing medicine, trying to escape with husband Dwight (Austin Amelio) and sister Tina (Liz E. Morgan). Suffering from diabetes, Tina required regular doses of Insulin to stay alive. She was given the opportunity to become one of Negan’s wives in exchange for regular doses of it instead of purchasing it. But shortly after considering it she escaped with Dwight and Sherry after they decided to steal the medicine instead.

During the reign of the Saviours, we see Sherry create a connection with Daryl (Norman Reedus) after she realises that he was the one that saved them back in Episode 6 of Season 6 “Always Accountable”. Plotting against the Saviours, she helps Daryl escape and eventually escapes herself presumably with more of Negan’s wives.

But where does Sherry run to? We see in Episode 11 of Season 7 that she left a note at a cabin where she and Dwight used to like to visit, along with both of her wedding rings. She admits to being the one that freed Daryl and even apologises for her forcing Dwight into that state of life at the Sanctuary. She even tells him that it would be possible for her and Dwight to get back together if he ever finds her. Her current whereabouts after that are unknown as it’s the last mention we’ve had of her.

Now that the new world has begun, with a six-year time jump, we haven’t had a mention of either Dwight or Sherry. Maybe that’s to come? Maybe they might have made up and continued to survive on their own or with the other wives Negan had. However, one thing that we do know is that there is a large group of terrifying Villains coming that we had our first hint at in the latest episode, The Whisperers.

In the comics there is a very unpleasant scene involving a number of pikes in a field, I won’t go too into it as I don’t want to spoil what’s to come. But this could very well be the fate of Sherry, as well as a number of the other wives. It’s even possible Dwight could be there too.

There are a number of possibilities for Sherry, she could have come across Oceanside or even Hilltop. Hopefully, we will find out, but I think it will be in the second half of the season at least before we even are hinted at their survival.

Who knows, she could even be recruited into the Whisperers. Which would be an interesting plotline if she ever comes across Daryl again.

Where do you think Sherry is? Let me know below!

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