How Did Aaron Get His ‘New’ Arm?

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Aaron (Ross Marquand) hasn’t had much luck since his arrival on the show. We’ve seen him be knocked out by Rick (Andrew Lincoln) trapped in a car with Daryl (Norman Reedus), surrounded by walkers (Ok maybe that could be a good thing), going overboard and almost being killed by walkers, completely beaten up by the Saviours, lost his boyfriend, and now most recently even lost his arm!

In Season 9 Episode 2 “The Bridge” a herd of walkers heads to the logging site after Justin (Zach McGowan) fails to respond to the signal to divert it away. As the herd enters the logging site, Aaron sacrifices himself to save someone else. However, in the process, he ends up having his arm completely crushed by a log.

After he gets back to camp after being saved by Rick and the other communities, Enid (Katelyn Nacon) is left alone to perform surgery on him after Siddiq (Avi Nash) leaves to treat the ill at Alexandria. Enid has no other choice but to amputate his arm as Daryl holds him down. That’s the last we see of Aaron in the episodes leading up to Ricks Departure.

“It’s not the end of the world anymore… It’s the start of a whole new one” – Aaron

Now, after the 6-year time jump we see Aaron stronger than ever, still with his adopted daughter Gracie as well as a new very skillfully crafted arm. But the question is, where on earth did he get that from? It’s certainly not from Thanos (Marvel) that’s for sure!

So, the only explanation I do have for the crafting of it would be from Hilltop. The book, “A key to the future” was given to Maggie by Georgie (Jayne Atkinson) in the exchange of a vinyl record collection, which tells us they’re from a very large established community if they’re looking for stuff like that. This book includes a huge amount of knowledge to rebuild civilisation, building blueprints, how to precisely look after crops and a huge amount of ideas and plans to build a future. Now, this book could also include things from a medical point of view like the amputation of an arm. Enid looks through a book as she’s about to amputate Aarons’ arm.

Yes, she is Siddiq’s apprentice so it would be the simple thing to do looking in a book to see how to amputate. However, this could also be foreshadowing for the future that to rebuild something as difficult as an arm could be in the book “A key to the future”. Remember Georgie’s group can only be a very established group so building a fake arm could certainly be in there.

But who could craft such a device? Earl (John Finn) is the official and only qualified Blacksmith that we’ve been told about. If you remember, Earl is the one that attacked Maggie (Lauren Cohan) after being persuaded by Gregory (Xander Berkeley) to assassinate her which failed. In the first episode of Season 9 Earls son Ken (AJ Achinger) talks about his father needing an apprentice. So we know that Earl is a qualified blacksmith, that has the knowledge to teach new people. 

Our only guess would be that Earl was the one that crafted the arm for Aaron, by following close instructions from the book “A key to the future”. We’ll eventually find out as the season unfolds.

But it’s not all doom and gloom for Aaron, as with the loss of his boyfriend Eric (Keith Andrew Gostel) he gained an adopted daughter named Gracie. She was born in the apocalypse a few months before the war began between the Saviours and the Militia. But how did Aaron come across Gracie? Well. Her father who looked after her was killed in a fight with Rick Grimes. Expecting to find an armoury in the room he was guarding, Rick instead finds Gracie inside that reduces him to tears as he knows he can’t now leave her behind. He instantly thought of Judith and what would happen once Rick departed. Once the outpost has been secured, Rick brings Gracie outside and lets Aaron take care of her after he’s still distraught from losing his boyfriend, Eric.

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Who do you think could have made Aaron’s new arm? Let me know below!

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