*SPOILERS* The Walking Dead 9×07 ‘Stradivarius’

The Walking Dead spoilers for Sunday the 18th of November or Monday the 19th of November for UK viewers. So before reading on again, I will alert you that these are SPOILERS for 9×07 ‘Stradivarius’

Let’s get into it.

So how does the episode begin?

Stradivarius begins with Rosita helplessly running through the woods, without Eugene. In the previous episode we saw them hiding from the herd of walkers so they’re still on the run. Rosita collapses, passing out in the middle of the woods but manages to fire a flare until Aaron and Jesus find her.

But what happened to Eugene?

Rosita had to hide Eugene in a barn so they both could have a chance of survival, she leaves him and tries to go find help but collapses instead.


Do we actually find out where Maggie has gone this episode?

We do. Siddiq speaks with Michonne, telling her that Maggie left with baby Hershel to go find Georgie and build a new community. This is hinted at previously in episodes of season 9 as Georgie sends her frequent letters asking for her to join them.

We heard about Maggie, who’s the new leader of Hilltop?

Jesus is the new leader of Hilltop, but he really doesn’t like it. He seems to be leaving all the work for Tara (YES TARA) as she is now the unofficial leader of Hilltop. Enid is the communities Doctor after being trained by Siddiq. Besides that nothing much has changed at Hilltop, apart from we know that Aaron and Jesus have been meeting up for training (Combat etc) Possible relationship in the future as they’re both gay.

Do we finally find out why Daryl is on his own? 

Yes, we do, we find out that Daryl was originally out here looking for Ricks body. But never found it, so eventually, he just got used too it and just stayed. Building his own makeshift camp with a boat, and plenty of traps to protect himself from walkers.


He also now has a dog, the dog is very well trained. He checks the traps frequently to see if there are any walkers in them and reports back to Daryl if there is one. In this episode, Daryl and his dog have a VERY close encounter with walkers until Henry saves them both. This eventually convinces Daryl to head to Hilltop with Carol, Henry and his dog.


Carol gives him a very much needed haircut to the Daryl we all know. Not Seasons 1-3 Daryl, but onwards from there. His hair isn’t short, but it’s also not long either.

Why does Carol visit Daryl? And do we find out if she visits him frequently?

Carol visits Daryl because she’s worried for Henry. She doesn’t want to leave him there without being by her side, so she goes to ask Daryl to be his guardian whilst she isn’t there. We don’t know if Carol visits him often, but we know that she knows where to find him when she does.


What about Michonne, Siddiq and Magnas group?

On their way to Hilltop, they come across Magna’s groups old camp. To discover that everyone there has been killed, and eventually get back on the road before spending the night in an industrial building. They come across the herd that attacked their camp and Bernie (Good friend of Magna’s group) is with them. Michonne puts Bernie down as Magna can’t rise to do it. Michonne knows about Bernie as Yumiko tells her about him the day before.

MV5BNzViZjQwMzEtZWQ2My00YTA0LTlmYjctMjEyMGI0Yjk3NzAzXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTk3MDAyMTU@._V1_ (1)

At the beginning of their journey, Michonne tells them that she didn’t intend on accompanying them all the way to Hilltop as she is needed back at Alexandria. However, after hearing about Rosita’s injury from Hilltop scouts, she ventures on to Hilltop to find out what’s going on.

MV5BMTA1MjAwNjk0NzdeQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU4MDY0MjIxNzYz._V1_SX1500_CR0,0,1500,999_AL_ (1)

Do we find out about the event that’s clearly happened over the time jump to do with Michonnes scar, as well as trust issues?

No, nothing of the sort.

What happens at the end of the episode?

At the end, we see Daryl, his dog, Aaron, Jesus head out on a rescue mission to the barn Rosita told them about to find Eugene.

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