A, or a B?

My Own Theory

Possibly the most talked about theory to date on The Walking Dead, A and B has left us all confused. Looking for answers. Here I’ll be talking about a number of theories I’ve found, what I think of them and of course the crafting of my own theory for it.


A theory that I have crafted by comparing and piecing together my thoughts as well as others thoughts are the villains from the end of Season 4, through into Season 5. Terminus was once a true place, offering sanctuary for all like the signs said to Rick and the rest of his group previously. However, these signs were very old and hadn’t been touched in a long time. The group didn’t think of that though before arriving, they were drawn into this place after the destruction of the prison, that they lived in for almost 2 Seasons.

The original residents were Mary and a few others, Mary is the character that Carol shoots and leaves for the dead in her most badass episode to date. As they put up these signs, they welcomed in any resident and fed them and gave them a place to stay as well as walls to hide behind. But as the apocalypse grew darker and darker, so did the people as we’re told that one group in particular (Bandits) came and took over the whole town. And for unanswered questions, they kept a number of them in train carts before killing some at random as well as raping the women over and over.

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After weeks of the bandits owning Terminus, they manage to escape the carts and overcome them resulting in retaking the town. As punishments for the bandits they hadn’t already killed in retaliation, Mary and the others had no choice but to resort to Cannibalism. This was due to the bandits completely eating their whole food supply. Eating most of the group, they did keep one member of them alive however which was their leader. We see this leader as Glenn opens one of the crates as they’re escaping that has clearly become deranged after he was tortured over and over by the original group. As this was the first time they encountered something like this, they crafted a new idea in how they live at Terminus. They kept up their signs to bait in people like Rick and his group so they never had to grow food, as people seeking shelter always ended up there. Only to have their throats slit and drained of blood, to then be decapitated and eventually eaten.

The leader of the group, Gareth (Mary’s son) leads this idea as he begins to run the new Terminus. Their motto “You’re the butcher or you’re the cattle.” was proof that they once were good people, but had to become the butcher to survive. They did still offer the people that arrived at Terminus a chance though, they asked them if they wanted to accept their way of life and become a Cannibal however if they refused they were captured and well, you know the rest.

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Anyway.. back onto the theory! Well, do you remember the train carts Rick and the rest were herded into like sheep? If not, this picture should jog your memory. Notice how it’s marked with A. Why was it marked with an A? Maybe originally the bandits marked it and members of Terminus just made it their own. Or, Terminus created this system. Although we’ve never seen them use B in any of their appearances. We do know that every A they have labelled, as referred to their motto “You’re either the butcher, or you’re the cattle” In this instance, “A” being the cattle as it’s where they keep people prisoner.

We see the A here once more, marked by Terminus as the group seek shelter in Gabriels church. Again, it’s just the same as the train cart. They’re inside somewhere, not knowing if they’re safe or not. To further support this, what was the story Gabriel told us originally? As markings were found all around the walls? (Scratches). These scratches were his congregation that came to his Church to seek help. Gabriel locked himself in the church, labelling himself as an A before Terminus even showed up to mark it. And what does Anne tell Gabriel in Season 9 Episode 5? That she always thought he was a B, labelling him as an A.

We’ve also seen the letter “A” to mark people in different places throughout the series (That doesn’t involve Terminus). Who knows though, there could always be people that rebuilt Terminus as the town was only partially destroyed. The letter A has been used to mark people like Daryl, as he was prisoner for a long time back at the Sanctuary in Season 7. However this was just coincidence that Daryl was labelled an A as it was debunked in an interview, as Angela Kang said that they’re just being juvenile. Daryl’s A was considered as Asshole, as well as other various members we saw wearing different letters like S for Shithead.

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Remember this shot from Season 6 Episode 5? It’s powerful. Do you remember how Rick ran his heart out through this herd to get back behind this walls? This gate? Take notice of how all this time the A has represented being trapped, no matter what context it’s in. Like here, at Alexandria. They’re trapped. The walkers are waiting for them. No matter how safe they feel, behind these walls, they’re always going to be trapped.

Which gets me onto the next piece of evidence, as Sam is stamping resident’s hands of Alexandria which Rick doesn’t agree with. In episode 13 of Season 5 we see Sam, the kid that got him, his mum and his brother killed. Sam’s duty is to mark the resident’s hands with a stamp marked as an A. Why did it have to show us Rick, getting the A stamped on his hand though? Maybe it was foreshadowing how trapped he is too as we all know that he lost Carl. Rick is trapped, has a “Connection to the dead” (Spoken by Negan) that he just can’t let go of.

Now let’s move on to yet another example of the A. It was used at the junkyard, in a crate where Jadis kept people prisoner. Rick, Negan and most recently Gabriel were locked in here after she labelled him as an A in Episode 3 of Season 9, Warning Signs. Now, think about this. Terminus might not have anything to do with it, maybe Terminus was, in fact, a hint on what’s to come on in the future seasons.

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At the end of Rick’s last episode. We see Anne changing her mind about Rick, as she originally classed him as an A but suddenly classed him as a B. Remember, she was desperate for someone to trade and Rick was her only hope. She could’ve simply classed him as an A but instead decided to class her as a B. Now, link back to the previous scene where we see Gabriel telling her that she matters to people. To him, to Rick and the others. People see her as a valuable member of the group, she even says previously that Rick reached out to her after all she did to him in the past.

So, I think that labelling him as a B simply means a friend. Anne knows something that we don’t and it goes much further than that. Think about it, the conversations leading up to this scene are about making Anne realise that she’s valued. Whereas the A, means to be kept prisoner, to be herded like cattle, to be labelled as an asshole. She originally labelled Rick as an A, before he reached out to her. She labelled Negan as an A, but never had the chance to trade him (Remember, he was on that trolley the same way Gabriel was) Who she also labelled as an A (After considering him as a B).

Even telling the voice of the helicopter that she’s trying to save a friend. Which supports this theory, even more as she didn’t have to class him as a friend. She could have just considered him an A and let them take him, but after all, that’s happened after she did see him as an A. She changed her mind and labelled him as a B. In doing this it could put her life in jeopardy, but she did this for Rick. After he showed her the way. Taking him to a new world full of promise.

I hope what my theory has opened up a new thought process in everyone’s mind. And I would love to hear your comments, as well as your own theories so please don’t hesitate.

Other Theories

Alpha and Beta

Starting with the most common theory that’s been seen, a lot of people have been linking the A and B theory to the upcoming terrifying villains, Alpha and Beta. These two are the leaders of The Whisperers, that navigate the world by covering themselves in scents that walkers won’t detect. To make them even more horrific, they even go to the attempts of cutting off a walkers face to wear over their own. This is to hide them from any human activity. They believe that this is how the world was supposed to be. They call themselves the Whisperers because the majority of the time they don’t talk above a whispering level unless they absolutely need to.

Getting back to the theory, classing the A and B as Alpha and Beta can’t be anything more than a hint that the Whisperers will be arriving soon. Why you might ask? It’s because they don’t use any sort of technology, and certainly not helicopters. Unless in the TV they completely change the story arc of them (Which I know they won’t) then there is no chance that A or B could be in reference to the group.

There’s always the possibility I’m wrong though.