The Walking Dead 9×02 Review

The Bridge 

The first two episodes of each season being good has usually been a regular occurrence for The Walking Dead and this season isn’t any different. We see in this weeks episode all of the communities coming together to rebuild the bridge which will eventually open up trade routes to each community. Ricks end goal is for this bridge to be created more importantly for Carl and he is trying his hardest for everyone to pitch in and help.

Negan Catches Up

The one character everyone was itching to see in the first episode of the new season, is finally here making an appearance. Well, only slightly with lighting covering most of his face. Although we’re still able to see how bad Negan is suffering here, just like the many he tortured back at the Sanctuary. He is treated somewhat better than there though, he is fed regularly and is clearly provided with clean clothes other than his usual attire we’re used to.

The scene begins with Rick telling him it’s been a while since they’ve spoken, telling us that he hasn’t been down to see him in a certain amount of time. Probably because he’s been busy keeping the other communities together and helping out on supply runs. Not forgetting he has a daughter to look after. Rick boasts to Negan, telling him that all of the communities are thriving and nothing bad has happened in a long time. One quote that speaks louder than any of the other words is “We’re getting back a piece of what we used to be, before all this”. This is telling us that everyone is stronger than ever before, bonds are being tightened even further, relationships are developing and people are starting to live in peace without the worrying of a threat like Negans bat knocking at the gates. “We’re making a new beginning” also being a notable quote here, tells us that this season means business. It’s a new start for The Walking Dead, and Ricks final episodes are going to help rebuild the show.

Rick then goes on to tell him about day 35 of the project of building the bridge, which was one of the hardest days they’ve had in a long time. But why does Rick tell Negan about the bad parts? Surely we’d want him to not give Negan any ammo in the conversation. However, Rick just might be speaking the truth to Negan because let’s be honest Rick doesn’t lie about anything and isn’t afraid of anything that’s thrown at him. Unless its Lucille back in 7×01, (apologies for bringing that image to your mind!) Mentioning more about the problems they had in that day, he tells Negan that someone (Aaron) lost his arm to even more make him resemble comic book Rick. Also, that people were at each other’s throats but even after the day was finished. They came together and didn’t fall apart. Rick continues to tell Negan that no matter what happens, it’s “human nature to come together” linking back to when I said they’re rebuilding the show. Rick keeps on hinting at how things are going back to the way they used to be before this all started.

Negan then is given a chance to reply, and boy is it such a Negan thing to say. “That’s a really pretty picture you’ve painted there Rick, when do I get to see it” which is replied by Rick with “Never” we then hear Negan ask for a final request but is interrupted by Rick again. But what do you think the request could be? Maybe its to see someone or something one last time? (Lucille) Remember he sees Lucille as his wife just like The Governor saw Penny as his daughter still. It’s Negans last connection to his wife and would do anything for it.

Even though we know Negan has been down in his prison cell seeing nothing for over a year now, he is still very much the same. We don’t see him completely broken like some people would expect and beg for a second chance. He is simply waiting for it all to mess up so he can make his escape. Mentioning Carl, Rick tells Negan that he cannot speak his name. That bridge they’re building? Isn’t for the communities to use. It’s a “Monument to the dead” and if Negan can see that from being spoken to in a prison cell, then people like Maggie and Daryl will be questioning the real purpose for the bridge too.

The Future

Just like previously, Ezekiel and Henry have a very close relationship. They see each other as family and with Carol, they make the perfect one. Ezekiel talks about the bridge being built and Henry replies that it’s just a boring bridge. But we all know it’s not just a boring bridge, it’s a bridge built for trade. Ezekiel tells us individual supplies from each community but he doesn’t mention the Sanctuary, which isn’t fair to say. The Sanctuary yes is made up of a lot of evil people but they’ve proved themselves worthy of this world, and don’t need to be treated as enemies anymore. Take Arat and Laura for example, they were both parts of Negans top crew but they’re now here, surviving with the rest of the communities. Arat killed Olivia back at Alexandria as well as scarring Rosita’s face with a blade. Laura even pointed a gun at Ricks’ face, but Rick pointed a gun in Daryl’s face back in Season One so we can see that everybody changes.

Anyway, back to Ezekiel and Henry as he explains that this “boring structure connects them all” but again Sanctuary is clearly not included. Carol appears as Henry is leaving to go to the Bridge and tells him that he is forgetting something. One being a kiss on Carol’s cheek, and the other his stick that Morgan taught him with. Ezekiel talks in his king like tongue and describes his relationship as a fairytale, that it will all be alright in the end. This could be some sort of foreshadowing to the death of Ezekiel in future episodes (just like in the comics) But we all know the TV Show likes to venture from the comic book fates, in some cases anyway.

Reporting To Rick

It’s always hard to take in what Eugene is saying on the first listen, I always find myself skipping backwards just to understand him (Maybe its just me!). Eugene is explaining to Rick his prediction of the flash flood heading their way down the river and how the bridge will not hold unless the supports are ready. They’ve around a week to get this ready or it’s “Slam Blam Sayonara” as Eugene says. Rick confirms with Eugene that they will get it done, pushing the workload on the bridge. But that means more work by the Sanctuary’s population.

Rosita arrives at the scene explaining to Rick that the scouts have arrived back telling them that the herd is going to be close by but it will eventually pass. Around 100 walkers are nothing compared to what they’ve dealt with before so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem, however, if they set off the explosives at the wrong time to redirect them then it could draw in the bigger herd and make matters much worse. Have you noticed that everyone is reporting to Rick, yes, of course, he is the leader but he won’t be for much longer because of his departure. Rick is very strategic when it comes to plans, he thinks about all of the possibilities in his head and takes time to think it through. Now when Rick goes, who will they be reporting to? Hopefully not Daryl. He is very destructive when it comes to planning, so I hope that it will end up being Carol.

Rick then talks to Eugene about how Saviours randomly leaving the camp, 6 in the past month Eugene tells us. This makes us think what could be happening to them, there are so many possibilities. They could be reforming to make an assault on Alexandria whilst they’re building the bridge to free Negan, they could be being killed off by other communities, it could even be that they just left and wanted to get far away from here as they detect bad things might start happening.

Siddiqs Apprentice

So it looks like Enid is finally coming into the show with a real purpose, as Siddiqs apprentice. He is training her to become a doctor, as he seems to be the only one with any sort of proper training. With Rick telling Siddiq to head home due to a bug spreading around, Enid will be left here by herself to deal with any problems that may occur. And by now if The Walking Dead has taught us anything, is that problems always seem to happen when someone who would know what to do straight away isn’t there to help.

Michonne Visits Maggie 

Michonne arrives at Hilltop to discuss matters with Maggie. They discuss a problem with the delivery of Ethanol that hasn’t arrived from the Sanctuary. This could relate back to the problem of the Saviours going missing, or someone simply sabotaging any sort of relation between the Sanctuary and Hilltop. Michonne states that they really need the food, but Maggie says without supplies from Sanctuary they can’t stretch their supplies as they don’t have fuel for the tractor to plough the fields. However they do have the manual plough from the museum which Michonne questions, but they need a blacksmith to fix it. But that blacksmith (Earl) is locked up for his actions on tempting to assassinate Maggie previously. Michonne suggests that rules be made and questions if Earl would ever think of doing something like this again. Maggie, putting her foot down says they aren’t getting any food unless that Ethanol shows up. “Hilltop will be fine” suggests that Maggie is drifting from the other communities and doesn’t relatively care how they do, she just wants Hilltop to be ok. Maggie’s character development in these first two episodes has escalated, she is becoming a determined leader to keep the people behind the walls of Hilltop safe. She wants to create a future for Hershel, in memory of Glenn and she has every right to as she has had so much taken away from her. She is the one that has suffered the most and deserves to be happy.

Further on in the episode, they have a chat on the balcony of Maggie’s office and Maggie gives her decision to Michonne about deciding common laws. This is a huge step forward for the world, as it’s one step closer to civilization. Maggie also says that she had Jesus load up the food full to deliver directly to the camp to help push the construction of the bridge even more. Furthermore, she has allowed Earl out of prison finally after a month but is working under close supervision and repairing the plough so that its ready to harvest new crops. But what changed all of this? It brings us back to the conversation she had with Earl earlier on, telling Michonne that her father was a big drinker pre-apocalypse and that if they didn’t give him a second chance then a lot of people would’ve been worse off than they’re now. That includes Michonne, as she tells Maggie. This is a reference to when Michonne and Hershel were both captured by The Governor back in Season 4. If Hershel hadn’t of been there, Michonne would’ve probably got the death. Or maybe the show would’ve gone with the killing of Tyreese instead just like in the comics.

The Bridge

Possibly the most heated scene of the episode, we see Daryl and Aaron firstly working together laying down planks along the bridge with most of the other workforce being the Saviours. Henry is on water duty and is giving out rations to the workers, the first one we see is one of the previous Saviours thank him for it. However, he then meets with Justin. Who at first seems polite but takes the water tank from him and pushes him to the ground so he could have more. Henry, embarrassed by this gets straight back up and uses his only way of force (His stick) to put Justin to the ground. Imagine the embarrassment Justin must feel, as all of the other people watched him as he is put in his place by a child. Even one of the other Saviours begins to mock him. Getting back to his feet, he follows Henry and we all know what’s coming. Daryl enters the scene, grabbing him and telling him to get back to work. Justin replies with “I don’t need your people telling me what to do” telling us that he doesn’t want anything to do with this, and has no respect for anyone but other Saviours. Obviously, a fight begins between them both as Justin throws the first punch that Daryl does not take lightly. Speaking with Eugene underneath the bridge, Rick spots the fight happening and rushes to the scene and disarms it properly specifically telling Daryl to stop. A couple of other Saviours were even holding Aaron back who was trying to stop the fight, which again shows that there are still plenty of Saviours that don’t agree with how things are working out for them.

This scene shows that as much as Rick wants things to work out, it just won’t happen because the saviours well some of them at least are being treated like dogs. They were used to Negans way of doing things, at least they were fed properly and had proper places to sleep, along with qualified doctors to keep them healthy. Even if Negans way of “saving” people was wrong, it was the only way those people knew and had to agree with it otherwise they’d be dead. So I can understand where some of the Saviours are coming from as they’re literally the full workforce of the bridge that the majority of them don’t even care about.

The Atlanta Three

Discussing what happened back at the Bridge, Rick is ignoring everything Daryl is saying because he knows it’s just a few more days until the bridge will be ready. If they take Justin off the bridge they will be losing a strong worker despite the fact he’s a total dick. Getting back to the “walk-offs” referring to the saviours that have mysteriously disappeared it puts our mind at rest as Daryl clearly doesn’t know what’s happening to them. If he does then it’s damn good acting. Carol agrees with Daryl, it seems like everybody is against what Ricks doing and he is simply just trying to make it work for everyone, he wants them all to be allies in this with no more fighting.

Now we get to the interesting part of the scene, where Daryl questions Rick about who’s side he’s on. For the first time in the whole of the series, we see Daryl really pissed off at Rick. There is a fire in his eyes that worries us, we all know how chaotic and destructive he can be and it seems like he won’t stop at nothing until all the Saviours get what he thinks they deserve. Even Carol is surprised by this with the look he gives Daryl, but Daryl sticks with his words and carries on to say that Rick doesn’t want to hear what he has to say. Telling us even more that Rick is ignoring everything and everyone to get this bridge finished in time for the flooding that’s on its way. He wants the bridge finished for Carl, just like Negan said previously, “A Monument to the dead”. We’re told as Rick talks about that’s its been different since Gregory was killed, and even before that. Rick knows how Daryl feels about all of this, and Carol tells him to talk to him about it but he simply doesn’t know what to say to him.

Michonne Questions Jesus

Michonne is overhearing the conversation between Ken’s mother (Tammy) and Jesus, as she is mad that they won’t let her see her husband (Earl). I get why they won’t because he literally attempted to murder her but it’s not fair on Tammy as she has nobody else and nowhere else to be. So she tells Jesus to let Maggie know that she isn’t moving from the entrance to the cell until she is let inside.

Michonne questions Jesus about if he really agrees with what is happening here. He tells her that he believes that she should be able to see her husband as they’re still grieving over Ken. However, Jesus respects every instinct and decision that Maggie is taking even though he doesn’t agree with her on this occasion. Michonne then goes on to say that even though none of them are right, they need to build something that’s “bigger than any of us” which I believe she is referring to as Laws. The next step in rebuilding the world that includes all of these communities is that laws are put in place to keep everybody in line with how the world is now. Michonne first sees this as she looks upon a poster back in the Museum and clearly takes it as an idea.

The Organist

These two are such a perfect couple for the show. They were both originally outsiders of the group as Gabriel had to earn everyone’s trust back in the earlier seasons and eventually came a valued member of the group. Jadis (Anne) after the fall of the Scavengers that were brutally murdered by Simon and the other saviours is also seen as an outsider when joining Ricks group but gains his trust through various help, for example, the scene with the finding of the crops at the museum.

The conversation starts with Anne as we all know is an artist, drawing a picture for Gabriel and for the people that paid attention to his background in the earlier seasons was, in fact, his organist at the church he ran. He cared for her very much. We even see someone that resembles her back in Season 5 on a supply run which spooks him I think.

Anne begins to talk about that using her talent, creating pieces of art for members of the group makes her feel like she is one of them that Gabriel quickly responds with that she is one of them. Previously, Gabriel, Rick and Morgan were the ones that reached out to her making her feel like she was welcome within the group but there were plenty of others that still don’t trust her. And they have every right, the Scavengers previously betrayed Ricks group back at Alexandria, even shooting Rick at one point before they were saved by the Hilltop and the Kingdom.

Towards the end of the episode, we’re shown Anne keeping Gabriel company as he is on watch. Gabriel opens up with a weird fact that only someone like him would know, showing his uniqueness as a character and how he and Anne are so perfect together as they’re both odd in separate ways. Anne goes on to talk about the drawing he had her draw earlier on, which I explained was his organist that died presumably when Gabriel shut all of his congregation out of his church to die because he was afraid.

Once Gabriel kisses Anne you can’t help but be happy for him, he has been very much alone since his first appearance on the show and finding Anne has given him some life. Hopefully, we will see more and more character development between the two in future episodes. However, you can’t help but think is Anne really up to something? Or is she putting on an act to hide something else and distract Gabriel? He is on watch after all. Maybe she has something to do with the missing saviours or even the missing supplies. At the end of the episode we see Anne back on watch, maybe she’s offered to take over for someone because the helicopter flies very high over the camp. And because she’s high up in the air only she can faintly hear and see it. She isn’t surprised by the helicopters sighting, she swallows in a panic that she know’s that she’s got herself into something huge and is having regrets about getting involved at all.

Maggies Office

Following on from the scene with Gabriel and Anne as she’s drawing, we’re cut to a scene in Maggie’s office back at Hilltop and are shown a number of pieces of art behind her desk on the wall. The obvious ones we’re shown are Glenn, Hershel and Beth. The others that we can’t really see I think are possibly her brother who died at the farm (Shawn). Along with firstly, I thought to be Patricia (Otis’ wife) But then I saw that revolves around her family, so I think it could be her step mum (Annette) or even mother (Josephine). We also see at the top a child, which is obviously baby Hershel. This is a wonderful tribute by Anne for Maggie, who clearly has been accepted her into the group and put aside her actions from before as Jadis.

They talk about a letter that Maggie has been receiving from the group that gave them a book named “A key to the future” in trade for a number of vinyls. Is this the Commonwealth? Because it seems way too soon to be them however you know what the show is like in detouring from the comic’s plotline. Jesus asks if she will be wanting to join them but she replies no, telling Jesus that she’s too busy building a future right here with Hershel and Hilltop.

They also talk about Tammy, and we learn that Earl has been in that prison cell for over a month now which in my opinion is completely wrong. Especially as Tammy hasn’t been able to see him once. Thinking about what Michonne said to him, Jesus tells Maggie that some decisions are just too big for one person to make. But they were never too big for Negan, he always made every decision but that’s not the case anymore. Mentioning laws, Maggie takes it on board that maybe it’s time to make an official decision of what happens with Earl. I’m glad Michonne mentioned this to Jesus, as Maggie listens to what Jesus has to say and it’s a way of making sure that Maggie doesn’t fall deeper into a dark path having to make all the decisions by herself. Taking ideas and opinions from others will to create laws will help shape the new world.

Tammy Reunites with Earl

We first see a reunion between Tammy and Earl, where Earl lets her know that he is been treated fair considering what he had done. He made a mistake going back to alcohol after Gregory persuaded him to previously. Tammy makes sure Maggie is listening to what she’s saying to Earl to gain the sympathetic vote from her which she takes on board. They both share a moment of how they’re both missing Ken so much, which Maggie can relate to with how many people she has lost and still misses to this day.

Maggie comes to see Earl on the next day without Tammy this time and asks Earl to tell his story about drinking. Which we all know she can relate to as her father (Hershel) was the same. We saw this back in Season 2 where he had been sober for a long time but turned to alcohol when he didn’t know what else to at the time. (That bar scene with Rick, Glenn and Hershel is still one of my favourites).

Earl explains that he started drinking to help him after he stopped drinking, he was drunk most of the time and even tells us that he was drunk the day Ken was born. This is sad to think about as he doesn’t even remember the first time he saw his own son. He also tells us about the last time that he ever drunk, and it almost cost Ken and Earl their lives after he came to pick up his son from the babysitter. This is a powerful conversation between them both as Maggie can see how much Ken meant to him as he sacrificed alcohol to ensure a future with him and his wife Tammy. Maggie thanks Earl and is then asked the question why was Gregory hung, instead of Earl. She replies simply asking “Do you think I made a mistake” which Earl replies with “No”. Even though Maggie was touched by the story Earl was just told, as soon as she is questioned about a decision of hers the fire in her eyes lights up. Maggie doesn’t want to be wrong and doesn’t want anyone to tell her differently.

Would You Trust Me?

Now, this is a very unlikely pair that we see doing things together. Arat held Rosita with a knife on the floor and scarred her face. She even smiled whilst doing it. The first thing we hear about is how Rosita is asking Arat to trust her regarding the blast radius of the explosives. These are been rigged to set off to draw the herd away from the Bridge. Arat then replies asking if Rosita would trust her and the previous encounter with the knife is mentioned. If this hadn’t of happened then I wonder if these two would make good friends, they’re very strong in combat and together would be a force to be reckoned with. However, Rosita shows no sign of friendship or trust so this will probably never happen.

Justin Ruins The Plan

To begin with, Rick is contacted by Tara as “Mother Goose” to report in that the herd they’re trying to draw away has arrived right on schedule. From here there are two distractions due to be set off including Jerry with a siren and Justin (WHY JUSTIN?). The second siren simply does not go off (surprise surprise) meaning that the herd will be heading directly to the crew at the logging site.

Now let’s talk about the conversation between Rick and Alden. Alden reports in about the missing saviours, that he heard back from the Sanctuary and not one of them that have disappeared have made it back home. Which is now becoming a worry for Rick, as he simply doesn’t have a clue what’s happening to them. They don’t have weapons to defend themselves if anything goes wrong and Alden suggests maybe arming some of them but Rick instantly rejects it. Alden then goes on to say that the people work for Rick and he protects them, which is sounding a lot like the main enemy of the majority of people on the show, Negan. I’m glad that Alden gets the chance to have these talks with Rick as he is the voice of reason for the Saviours and is trying his hardest to help them. Even though he doesn’t consider himself as a Saviour anymore he still feels for some of them as they were good people (Well a few were).

There isn’t much conversation happening here, it’s mainly showing us the herd of walkers turning up to the site as the second distraction didn’t go off. We see one of my favourite characters (Aaron) and a couple of others that are most likely Saviours pulling up logs and stockpiling them until Daryl realises that a herd of walkers are coming. The two on top of the logs don’t think about what could happen if they let go of the log but they don’t want to get caught up in the herd. This, unfortunately, results in Aaron’s arm being completely crushed by the log after moving somebody out of the way. The scene resumes as Daryl tries to buy them time to remove the log from Aaron but they need Daryl’s brute strength for the last push.

Once Aaron’s arm is out from underneath the log, we see it completely shattered (Through CGI) and it looks realistic. We’ve seen a few questionable graphically edited parts in the show but this one looked good. Shortly after Rick and the rest of the gang show up as they knew the herd would be arriving there. We see a number of weapons been used and for me, one that stuck out the most was the Harpoon gun. We see it headshot a walker that’s about to bite Daryl, the gun is shot by Beatrice from Oceanside. But why would they show us this? They could’ve simply used the more common weapons but showing this has to be for importance later on (In my opinion anyway).

After a number of Walker kills Rick realises that there are still quite a lot more heading up the hill so uses his strategic knowledge to solve the situation quickly before anyone else gets hurt. He pulls from his back his rifle and spots a rope hanging a pile of logs together and begins to fire at it. The first shot misses by a few inches but the second one snaps the rope sending the logs down the hill. It was a much better idea for the first one to miss, as it made the scene just that little bit tenser. The majority of the walkers are cleared out by the logs and we see a few graphic kills of the bodies being demolished by them.

This scene was well done and very inventive so I don’t have anything bad to say about it. Makes you think, now Aaron is starting to resemble how Rick looks in the comics (Just missing the bionic arm now). Maybe we will see Aaron take on a much more important role after Ricks departure, hopefully anyway.

Enid’s First Operation

Arriving back at camp, we see Daryl along with Aaron and Enid head into the makeshift Hospital at camp where Daryl realises that Siddiq has gone back home to help there. This isn’t exactly what Enid was expecting to be her first patient (Disregarding Cyndie’s cut on her hand). We see her deal with it very well, she seems to be calm and collective for the most of it however at first was shocked, who wouldn’t be shocked seeing that though?

Daryl ties his arm tightly at a point where it will have to be amputated as Aaron looks in horror that he’s about to lose his arm. That doesn’t stop him from telling Enid that she can do this though, as she uses the correct surgical equipment to cut off his arm. Nothing like Season 3 Hershel though is it? That amputation was something else.

Daryl fights Justin (again)

After the operation is cleared up Daryl rushes over to the HQ tent and finds Carol discussing what happened with that’s right, you guessed it. Justin. Justin tries to say that wasn’t his fault as the “batteries were dead” when in fact that radio was a solar powered one. Daryl is now infuriated and beats the living shit out of Justin and would’ve probably kept going till he was dead if it wasn’t for Carol stepping in and putting a stop to it. Members of the Kingdom look in horror, especially Henry.

Daryl says to Carol after he stops hitting Justin “There’s only one way to deal with these assholes” And we all know that means by killing them all. This now makes us question if Daryl really is involved in some of the saviours going missing as he’s just showed just how much he hates them. He has the same fire burning in his eyes as Maggie does, and for the first time in the whole series this isn’t pleasing to see, it’s worrying.

Rick talks with Justin

We’ve been waiting for Rick to have a chat with Justin, and how they collide and it doesn’t let us down. Justin with his shitty attitude tells him to “Keep his dog on a leash” referring to Daryl, Rick quickly shuts him down by letting him know that Rick used to be a cop and pre-apocalypse used to pick up someone like him and have to listen to him run his mouth in the back of the car, blaming everyone else but himself for what’s happened.

Rick visits Aaron

Once he has dealt with Justin, sending him on his merry way out of camp he arrives to at the hospital to check up on how Aaron is doing. Remember Aaron isn’t just another character, he brought their whole group into Alexandria and gave them everything they needed. Rick and Aaron have created a strong bond over the seasons that I will miss once Rick exits the show. Blaming himself, Rick apologises for what has happened to him but straight away Aaron tells him that it’s not his fault and there is no way that he could have sensed something like this happening.

Finally opening up in front of Daryl, Enid and Aaron he admits that he has been putting this project first before anyone else and their safety and only realises now once someone has paid the price for it. Now here comes a wonderful message from Aaron that sends shivers down my spine. He talks about how when this all started, and when the dead started to rise he thought that this was the end of everything. However, Aaron tells Rick that he changed all of that and it’s not the end of the world anymore, in fact, it’s the start of a new one.

This is what I wanted to hear someone say, I wanted Rick to know and be reminded of how much impact he has had on the world since the apocalypse. All of the pain, bloodshed and tears that he has gone through to make it this far. I do hope the show gives him the proper send off he deserves, he is one of the most iconic characters to ever exist in any show and even movie.

Justin’s Fate

At the very end of the episode, we see a drunken careless Justin with his supplies leaving the camp, and heading nowhere at all as he has no one. But we’re shown through a first-person perspective of the possible person that’s been dealing with the Saviours personally. Now it would be pretty silly to show Anne so far up in the sky and then in the next scene show her at ground level about to injure/kill Justin. Revealing themselves from the bush, a drunk Justin is startled by them but doesn’t think much of it however we clearly hear some sort of injury happen to Justin as the episode finishes. This brings me back to my previous point of the Harpoon gun being shown at the logging site. This could very much be the weapon of choice for taking out the Saviours which would mean that it’s the members of Oceanside taking things into their own hands. Which would not be good news as it shows another community going against the rules of the signed Charter.


This episode was much better than the last, there is so much happening. We’re seeing a new relationship, friendships tearing at the seems and also multiple problems rising. It was filled with more content moments, tense ones, and downright chilling ones (Negan and Rick in the prison). In comparison to episode one, a lot more happened in a 45minute episode than an hour long one so we can only take that as a positive moving on in the season. Us viewers live for content, we don’t want to be watching episodes that are filled with meaningless clumsy writing as a filler. Season 8 was filled with a lot of this but so far in season 9, I’ve found it interesting to listen to each conversation carefully. I eagerly look forward to the next episode to see if they deal with whoever is taking out the remaining saviours and maybe more about the helicopter but I highly doubt we’ll hear from that for a while.

Overall Rating 8.5/10

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