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Female (30s)
Lost whole family in a car crash (Pre Apocalypse)
Qualified Doctor


Currently in court after being charged for the deaths of her family in a car crash, a woman is wearing a prison jumpsuit and handcuffs, guarded by police officers. The court is in progress, at the point where the jury is just arriving back to their seats to give the verdict. One member of the jury doesn’t enter the court as they said they felt really faint all of a sudden which is quickly noticed by the barrister. Asking one of the policemen to go and investigate, the court comes to a pause whilst they return.

In the bathroom, the policeman finds the man’s body lying on the floor, as blood pours out of from his mouth, eyes bloodshot, with a very off distinctive smell. Checking for a pulse, the officer can’t find one and quickly radios to the other officers back in the courtroom.

“Sir, you gotta come to see this I’m not sure what to do.. he.. he’s not breathing” – Policeman A

The transmission plays out through all of the radios in the courtroom, as people listen in due to the complete silence from the case being paused. Starting to worry about what’s going on, the barrister tells another policeman to go and see what’s going on. As the second police officer enters the room, the original officer screams out in pain, transmitting it in the process for others to hear.

“ahhhhhhhh.. get off of me what are you doing?! aghhhhh!” – Policeman A

Drawing his taser, the second officer rushes to help quickly tasing the man but it doesn’t seem to be working.

“I thought you said he had no pulse?!” – Policeman B
“He didn’t, I swear I checked over and over I promise!” Policeman A

Blood gushes from his leg now as he is left with a huge wound that’s severed his artery. Policeman B quickly pushes back the man as he falls into the bathroom. Whilst he has the chance, he pulls out Policeman A and props him up against the chair close by. Using his initiative, he applies a tourniquet by removing his belt and wrapping it around the other officer’s leg.

“Here, keep pressure on it whilst I get help” – Policeman B
“Uh.. ughh ok.. please hurry, I don’t feel so good” – Policeman A

Radioing back to the courtroom to call for an ambulance, no response is returned. Rushing back through the door, the room seems to have emptied within those few minutes. No jury, no guards, no woman on trial and no barrister.

“What the.. where has everybody gone?!” – Policeman B

*Cuts back to the radio transmission in the courtroom*

People in the courtroom are now starting to talk amongst themselves, as the barrister tries to silence them it doesn’t seem to be happening. The conversation from the officers in the jury room is being transmitted into the room. Screams are being heard.

One man gets up and runs to the nearest exit, trying to stop him one of the police officers is pushed to the ground. The fleeing man opens up the main door to the court, but instead of an exit, he is met by a couple of “things” that are hungry for blood. Weaving his way past them, he doesn’t seem to be attacked by them and manages to escape. The people in the courtroom, on the other hand, aren’t so lucky.

The remaining officers draw their guns, as the one that was pushed to the ground is quickly piled on by the first few that enter the door. His stomach is opened up extremely easily by the first “thing” that piles on him as the officer screams for his life. The other officers draw their weapons and start to open fire, the other people in the courtroom are now panicking, screaming as they run anywhere they can. The barrister flees through the door to the back of the courtroom.

Two police officers are still guarding the woman on trial with their weapons drawn. The one on the left is young, recently out of the academy on his first ever case. Not seeming confident, he keeps his weapon holstered and panics. Fleeing through the back door as he sees the barrister do it.

The other officer is experienced. But has no experience in whatever’s facing him right now. He is reluctant to leave the woman’s side as more and more of the “things” start to enter the room. More police officers are taken down, being dragged to the ground and torn open. Screams are now all they can hear from the room, no gunshots anymore. The room has been completely overrun. It’s time to flee, the officer drags the woman through the courtroom and into the room where the barrister and young officer fled to.

“You try anything, you’re getting a bullet to your brain. You hear me?” – Policeman C
“Yeah..sure.. you got it officer..” – Woman

This could be the woman on trials chance to escape, she knows that pleading not guilty was never going to help anyway. After being advised to plead guilty, her sentence wouldn’t have been half as long.

As they shut the door of the court behind them and enter the back of it, the sounds that were echoing a few seconds ago come to only background noises now. Slowly moving through the room with a gun to her back, the woman spots a window open that could be used for her escape. However glancing outside as she passes it, she realises that there isn’t anything to break her fall if she jumps out.

Calling out to the barrister, the police officer becomes confused about why there isn’t a response. Pacing up and down the room, whilst still pointing the gun at the woman the officer starts to flare up, sweat, almost looks as if he’s about to pass out. Deciding to walk over to the window, he opens up the window and lets out a huge sigh. The woman on trial knows that this could be her shot to freedom, whatever is happening back in the courtroom is a bigger problem than an escapee. As she starts to breathe heavily, with her heart racing she decides to push the officer out of the window. Not looking, she hears a huge scream as his body hits the metal railing on the way down.

“GAHHHHH, my back.. MY BACK!” – Policeman C

Screaming out in agony, the woman can’t help but look back out of the window as he sees the mangled body of the policeman, his back is completely broken as he lies on the floor. But the noise he’s screaming only draws attention to himself, “things” from outside now start to make their way down the alleyway to him. They can hear him, they can smell his blood trailing down the alley into a nearby gutter.

Overlooking still, the woman sees a number of the “things” getting ever so close to the officer. Managing to unholster his gun, he fires his firearm at them. The first one takes most of the magazine, eventually dropping to the floor from a headshot. Reloading, he takes out more and more of them until what he doesn’t realise is that the barrister he was looking for before is crawling to him from behind a dumpster. The barrister must have fallen out too somehow. Looking at the side of the window, the woman sees a gutter pipe leading down to where the blood from the officer is heading. He must have slipped off there and died earlier on.

If she shouts out now to the officer he may have a chance to survive, but if she doesn’t it could put her life in jeopardy if he manages to radio in that she’s on the loose. So ignoring it, turning away from the window. She walks to the exit of the room, as the barrister bites into the officer resulting in one last scream. No more gunshots.

Still handcuffed, she realises this is going to be ridiculously hard to escape the courthouse them as well as a bright orange jumpsuit. Finding keys are her main priority. But only the officer she pushed out had them unless the young officer that fled earlier had a set too. She needs to find a change of clothes. So leaving the room, she follows the signs down to the locker room. On her way, she hears multiple gunshots coming from the opposite side of the building, followed by loud screams. The sound of people running comes to a stop, as the courthouse begins to become quieter and quieter.

As she progresses down the hall towards the toilets, she turns the corner to see a pair of legs slightly showing from behind a door. Blood marks his trousers, so being cautious is vital right now as she won’t be able to fight with her hands cuffed together. The uniform seems familiar, as she woman recognises one trouser leg untucked from the boot. It’s the young officer that fled the courtroom earlier on. Peeking around the corner of the door, she finds a figure covered from head to toe in blood on top of the officer. There are no screams, he must already be dead. Peeking, even more, she realises that he could have a set of keys on him as well to get her out of these cuffs. As the officers face is still, the eyes of the man are wide open almost as if he’s staring at her. Something is eating him, his guts are hanging out almost to the point where he could be in two halves. Before the woman gives into fear and runs away, she takes in a deep breath as she knows she needs those keys. They’re attached to the waist of the officer, along with a holstered gun. The weapon is directly under the corpse, whereas the keys are at the opposite side closer to her making it possible for her to make a quick grab and exit.

But it’s too risky, one wrong move and the “thing” could be straight on top of her too. As the loose trouser leg is still untucked from the boots. She decides to formulate a plan, a very disgusting plan but it just might work. Yanking slowly at the trouser leg, the bottom half of the torso moves slowly towards her. Almost in reach, the keys become closer making slight scratching noises along the floor of the bathroom. The “thing” is still focusing on the top half of her body, so she has time still to pull the bottom half of the body closer to her. After tugging for a good minute, her heart now racing. She decides that she’s in reach, and makes a quick reach for them as they unhook from the officer’s belt. The noise from the keys moving quickly make a noise that attracts the “thing”. As it rushes towards her she quickly slams the door shut as the “thing” bangs, scratches making a huge amount of noise. She knows that she can’t stay there long, as she learnt that noise attracts them. So frantically trying to find the key for her handcuffs, trying any she can find all whilst shaking. The frosted glass door shatters, covering her in the glass as the hand of the “thing” reaches out for her, but the arm just isn’t long enough. Eventually, she finds the right key and unlocks the handcuffs as the “thing” seems to be stuck on the door with no way out.comic2

Running down the hall now with her hands-free, she comes across the locker room. As she comes to it, the area seems to be untouched by “things” although the door has been broken in. Like someone has kicked it in. Maybe they had access to it, but had to think quick and kicking it through could have been the quickest option. It was also the loudest option.

Entering the room, a cold breeze enters through an open latched slit window above the lockers. Quickly and quietly, opening up a few lockers she finds a half-empty bottle of water inside a small backpack with just a bracelet inside. The next few lockers are completely empty apart from the very end one. Instead of being simply open, this one was pried open with a crowbar which must have been the same person that kicked in the door to the lockers. As she looks inside the broken locker, nothing seems to be of importance, until she hears the cold sound of a handguns safety go off behind her.

“Turn around, slowly” – Stranger

The voice doesn’t sound confident and is stuttering slightly.

“You were the one in session today, you were the one that killed your whole family in a car crash!” – Stranger

Again, the voice stutters showing that the stranger is frightened. Telling the stranger to calm down, she raises her hand telling him to lower the weapon.

“I’m not your enemy here, there are a lot worse things out there happening than in here right now. Lower the gun.” – Woman


Along with the rattling sound of a gun shaking in the stranger’s hand, the voice now is barely understandable showing that they are filled with fear. As the stranger’s voice loudens, it echoes throughout the locker room which no doubt will be attracting the “things” towards them

“Shutup, you need to be quiet right now or they’ll be on us before we know it” – Woman

Not believing a word she says, the stranger keeps the gun pointed at her head. They don’t understand what she means by sound attracting them.

“Let’s talk about this, don’t do something you’ll regret like I have to. Trust me, it’s not going to help to put a bullet in my brain. If you fire that gun they will be here. They will tear you up into pieces, they’re attracted to sound” – Woman

In a calm voice, she eventually talks down the stranger, lowering his weapon. At that moment, a loud groan comes from outside the locker room.

“What.. what was that?” – Stranger
“I told you to keep your voice down” – Woman

By the moment the grounds start to get louder, the footsteps become closer and the hearts of both of the survivors beat faster. They need to do something, and they need to do it now. There is no way they can seal up the door as the stranger busted it in beforehand. There isn’t even anything to barricade the entrance as the benches in the locker room are bolted to the ground. No way out. The stranger quickly lifts back up the gun and points it towards the entrance of the door. With a grip like that, there is no chance he’s going to be able to hit one of them in the chest nevermind the head. His hand trembles, as the sheer panic from the stranger, begins to take over.

“Give it to me, right now and I’ll get us both out of here” – Woman

Speaking sternly to the stranger, she demands them to give her the gun. But it doesn’t work.

“No, I can’t give a criminal a gun. Not.. not now, leave it to me and get be..behind me” – Stranger

“Ok then, have it your way but you better be a good shot. Hold the gun steady, take a deep breath and hold it. Squeeze the trigger, don’t pull and only fire when I say so. Got it?” – Woman

“O.. okay” – Stranger

The horrors shadows now creep up on the entrance, as a hand wraps around the door frame.

“Steady.. wait for it, now! Fire!” – Woman

The first one drops instantly with a shot straight through one of the eyes.

“Nice shot kid!” – Woman

The second one trips over the first but still manages to carry on crawling, reaching out for them. Firing again, the shot hits the shoulder of it. A second one goes through the dome of its head.

Bodies begin to pile up, as the stranger has now taken down 6 of them in total. But it’s now a dead man’s click, the gun is out of ammo and they aren’t carrying any spare magazines. But at least they’ve bought a little time to make an escape. The cold breeze once more passes the woman, as she remembers earlier above the lockers was a slit window enough for them to both fit through. That has to be their only way out.

“Quick, up there you see it? Window. We need to get out, now. You go first!”” – Woman

“But wh.. what about you? I’m not leaving you” – Stranger

“I’ll be right behind you kid, now hurry up and get on my shoulder” – Woman

The stranger climbs up on the shoulder of the woman, reaching to the top of the room where the window is. Forcing her way through the slit, the gap is a tight squeeze but it’s just large enough for her to fit through. As the “things” begin to make their way past the temporary barricade. That window is her only way out. As the stranger finally fits through, without even beginning to look if the coast is clear they turn around only thinking to get the woman out too. As they reach out and grab her hand to pull her up, their face stares coldly before letting out a tremendous scream. The horrors outside are eating away at the strangers legs. Helpless, the stranger’s hand grasps the woman’s as tight as possible. She can’t let go.

“Please.. help me. I don’t wanna die, please” – Stranger
“You gotta let go, kid! please let go of my hand or I’ll die too” – Woman

Reluctant to let go of her hand, the woman is forced with no other choice but to bite her hand as hard as possible. Just like the horrors outside, she tears off flesh from the stranger’s hand. Letting go, they’re dragged back outside into the alleyway never to be seen again.

Trying to come to terms with what’s just happened, she isn’t given any time as the “things” inside reach out hungry for blood. There is no escape, not even a weapon to fend herself with. Moving around the other side of the locker rooms, she frantically looks in each one for a weapon until she kicks something on the ground. It’s the crowbar. The crowbar the stranger used to pry open that locker. She has no choice now but to fight for her life. Picking it up, they give her no time to even breathe as one makes a lunge for her. Reacting quickly, the crowbar is swung and goes through the top of the first one’s mouth. Pulling it back out again, the second one stumbles luckily as she isn’t ready to swing again. Using her initiative she uses an already open locker door to hit it back. Stunning it for a few seconds. Now ready for another swing, it goes right through the head. That’s two dead. But more are coming.

Using the last of her energy she builds up the adrenaline to get her through this encounter. Swing after swing they drop, blood now covers her from head to toe. Until silence. No more groans, no more bloodshed. Only the sound of the cold breeze again coming from the window. With her clothes ripped, plastered in blood it’s hard now to tell if she’s alive or one of them. Nevermind a criminal.

Taking a minute to get a little energy back, she stands to her feet overlooking the trail of corpses that lie still on the floor. Looking at them, she wonders what happened to them to make them be this way. She also begins to wonder who they were before. Police officers, doctors, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. Grinning slightly, she feels lucky to be alive as she makes her way through the bodies to the exit of the locker room. Stopping at the door frame, a locker seems to still be unopened to her left. Using the crowbar she used to fight the horrors, she pries open the locker to find a fresh set of clothes. Nothing special, just some ripped jeans, a vest and a checkered shirt. But surprisingly they fit her. Putting back on her backpack she originally found, she heads out of the lockers.

Heading down the hall to the fire escape, the walls seem to be covered in blood, and the floor is riddled with bullet casings. Once finding the fire escape outside, the stairs lead down to the bottom of the courthouse onto the main street. But before heading down, she stops and overlooks what’s become of the city. Crashed cars, fires down nearly every street along with the horrors lining up at every building trying to break in. Not to mention the screams coming from every direction.

“Shit” – Woman


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