9×06 Who Are You Now Review

Who Are You Now?

Honestly, first of all, I’m blown away. Did you guys see how well written that episode was? Not to mention the actors.  Michonne (Danai Gurira) just put on an excellent performance. They all did, they showed that they can adapt to change. They are one with their characters, did you see Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) completely different manner, yes I know he was only talking to Judith but his whole manner has changed, as well as his tone. He doesn’t have a voice anymore that would terrify or a voice that would send shivers down your spine. Also, don’t get me started on Judith (Cailey Fleming) doing an incredible job.

I’m just completely blown away from how good that episode was. I enjoyed it just as much as Rick’s departure, every single person from Magna’s group was likeable and enjoyable to watch. Connie (Lauren Ridloff) is a deaf character within the group that communicates to Kelly (Angel Theory) through sign language. That’s something we have never seen before, each one of them all has a uniqueness that I’m thoroughly enjoying. Can’t wait to see more!

Now, let’s dive into the episode. As always I’ll be creating a thorough review, recapping all of the scenes and describing my thoughts and theories on them. Have a comment? Feel free to comment below or visit our Facebook Page to get involved in the discussion. The structure of my reviews goes by character, not by the timeline of the episode (not including the intro). So you’ll find all of the reviews of each characters scene in an organised fashion, making it easier to read for you.

The intro to the episode we see a very different world. We’re shown that they’re still grieving, especially Michonne and Daryl. They’re still trapped back as they were, before Rick’s departure. But are trying to hold on.

Michonne is talking to Rick throughout the whole intro, where she thinks he may have been blown to by the impact of the blast. She considers this his grave and speaks to if often. Again, Michonne is reminded of her past that I previously mentioned back in a review of Episode 3. She doesn’t want to give up though, giving us a very emotional speech that makes us just want to reach out to her. This is giving us a brand new connection Michonne, she has lost the one she has loved the most (After Andre). The one person she drew strength from, the one person that was always with her no matter what happened. We will see just how much it’s affected her throughout the episode and the rest of the season, so let’s talk about that a little bit later in the review.

Danai Gurira in The Walking Dead (2010)

Daryl (Norman Reedus)? Daryl’s alone. He’s still the same guy, taking responsibility for the death’s of his family and isolating himself from the world. He’s living like he was in the pre-apocalypse, with his brother Merle. Fishing with makeshift tools, he’s reminded of his past living near a river that still has walkers in it. This has to be done purposely, telling us that he still hasn’t given up on Rick hoping one day he’ll return (just like he did with Sophia back in Season 2).

Norman Reedus in The Walking Dead (2010)

Carol (Melissa Mcbride) is now a pacifist, just like she used to be. She’s living how she wanted to originally, but a lot of things stopped her along the way from being that person she wanted to be. That’s why she isolated herself from the world back in Season 7, as she was tired and drained from everything she had done just to stay alive.

Melissa McBride in The Walking Dead (2010)

In the intro, we see all three of them (Carol, Daryl and Michonne) discover a symbol of life. The symbol that Carol sees, is a flower growing through a crack in the pavement. The symbol that Daryl sees, is a tree growing around a walker not to mention that bird feeding it’s young. Michonne, she finds a toy figure. Ironically the figure is a sheriff, that resembles Rick. All three of these symbols are a sign of life, a sign of hope that there is still a future.

“Every second of every day, for you, for us, I haven’t given up, and I never will”.

A very powerful quote to show us how Michonne is coping. She’s still taking her strength from Rick even though he’s gone. And that strength is growing and growing. The intro ends, as we’re shown the destroyed bridge that was never rebuilt.

Carol, Ezekiel and Henry

At the Kingdom, we see Carol observing the current state of their home whilst talking to Jerry. She asks him if there is anything in this place that isn’t falling apart? Replied with a very Jerry comment “Our loyalty to you, my queen”. This is our confirmation that Carol got married to Ezekiel and that Jerry still is in character even 6 years after the bridge. Carol doesn’t seem to be too impressed by his comment, so she doesn’t agree with being called a queen, yet anyway. Maybe she’ll come around. Hearing a noise that they must be used to, Carol and Jerry rush down to a room where the water flows through, this where we first see grown-up Henry (Matt Lintz) trying to deal with the situation. As he asks Carol for help, they fix the pipe together and resolve the problem at hand. This is a clear sign that the Kingdom is potentially falling apart, hinting of it’s downfall this season unless they improve. They can’t keep fixing a pipe with tape after all.

As she speaks with Ezekiel (Khary Payton) whilst overlooking Henry training with his stick (We can thank Morgan for that), Carol tells him that the Kingdom is getting older. They’re getting older. Talking about the future of the world, they speak about how everything is getting older and that they need to pass on knowledge, as well as the power to the younger generation. Earl Sutton is mentioned (The blacksmith back at Hilltop played by John Finn) as Carol recommends being trained there as an apprentice. But Ezekiel doesn’t approve, he doesn’t want Henry to leave these walls.

“This is his home, he wants to fix it” – Carol

Telling us that Henry has been brought up as a handyman so to speak, hopefully, he’ll become a vital part of the repairing and building side of things to make sure the communities don’t waste away.

Further on in the episode, we see Henry finally be let out of the walls of the Kingdom by King Ezekiel to travel towards Hilltop with Carol. Before they set off, she speaks with Ezekiel telling that he’s going to be fine as he worries that he can’t go with them. Carol won’t let a thing happen to him. Everyone knows that. So far we’ve seen has as a pacifist, but that’s only within the walls remember. We don’t know what she’s going to be like once she leaves them. Giving Ezekiel a kiss goodbye, they set off on their journey.

The Remaining Saviours

Travelling through an overgrown town, Henry questions Carol’s navigational skills. This is our first hint that Carol isn’t going to the Kingdom, yet anyway. After hearing screams, Carol halts the horses as Henry rushes off to find out where they’re coming from. Carol doesn’t even get a chance to hold him back and tells him to stop as it could very well be a trap. And it is. Who are we met by? Jed (Rhys Coiro), Regina (Traci Dinwiddie) and a number of others that we can only guess to be the remaining Saviours. Didn’t work out too well for them, huh? They’re out living on the road, looking worse than Daryl. Are there people in the world that really need a bath more than Daryl? Drawing her bow, she demands Regina to drop her harpoon (Interesting choice, I guess they found out Oceanside were using harpoons to kill them before, could they’ve stolen from them?) but this doesn’t go to plan as Jed and the others appear from behind. Putting down her bow, she knows that they’re outnumbered and begins to play the smart card Carol knows very well. This now shows us Henry’s first mistake as he leaves the walls of the Kingdom for the first time, but this doesn’t mean he was in the wrong. He obviously is a caring person, that wants to help out others. Maybe now after surviving this trap, he will become a much more aware person in the future.

Stealing their whole supply they were travelling with, Jed and the others unpack the wagon. Carol is spared by Jed after she spared his life before the time-jump, however, he demands the ring of Carol. This ring was given to her by Ezekiel as they’re married, so it has high value and importance to them. She gives the ring up willingly, but Henry has other ideas as he knocks Jed to the ground in style. Carol, playing the smart card once more looks upon Jed in a plea showing us that Henry means the world to her. And will give up anything to spare his life.

As their whole supply of food has been stolen, they only have the wagon and horses now as we show their delayed journey. It has become nightfall, as Carol sets up camp with makeshift traps (Cans on a string) to alert them if someone or something approaches. Carol explains to Henry that even though she brought him up to fight for what’s right, not for what’s wrong there are still times where you have to simply not fight to stay alive.

“One day you’ll understand” – Carol

Telling us once more that Henry hasn’t adapted to the outside world, that this was the first problem he has run into before.

Looking at her ring finger on her hand, she realises that she needs to get it back. Otherwise, Ezekiel will never let Henry outside those walls again if they ran into a problem like that the first time.

Now we see what we’ve all been waiting for, has Carol really changed into a weak woman after all these years? No. She’s smart and has played a very strategic hand for the encounter they just had with the Saviours. Approaching Jed and his group, as they sleep peacefully. Carol approaches him as she grabs the match he’s had in his mouth the whole time. If this wasn’t the definition of foreshadowing, then I don’t know what is. We’re reminded of a very particular scene back in Season 6 Episode 13 as she locks a number of Saviours in a chamber, being burnt alive.

Related image

This scene just reminds of us how powerful, and ruthless Carol can be when the time is right. Lighting the match she just took from Jed’s mouth, he pleads to her to not do this. And again, we’re referenced of the past as Gareth (Leader of Terminus) pleads to Rick back in Season 5 telling him that they’ll never cross paths again. Jed basically bags for his life as she drops the match onto fuel she’s spread all around them. The Saviours go completely up in flames, burning them alive. This shows us that Carol still means business, and being references to Season 5 Rick shows us that she gives no remorse if someone crosses her path.

The next morning, we see Henry and Carol back on the road as they continue to where they’re heading. But where? They’re heading to Daryl, to visit him in his makeshift home. Seeing the ring back on Carol’s finger, he wonders how she got it back but never questions it. He apologises for what he said the previous night, calling the plan bullshit that Carol had them do. She forgives him.

They come across a very familiar face that everyone’s been itching to see. Daryl, his hair has got even longer. He still hasn’t shaved, wears clothing that’s next to not visible in the forest and still carries his signature crossbow. Daryl lives like he was always supposed to, how he was brought up with his brother Merle.

“Need a ride stranger?” – Carol

This tells us that Carol hasn’t seen him in a long time. And as always, is very pleased to see him.


In the intro to the episode, we see Michonne talking throughout it. As she speaks to where she presumed Rick had died when the bridge blew up. Just imagine how helpless she felt when Rick was at the other side of the bridge, and now imagine how she must feel now. Six years after his passing, we still see her grieving.

“Hey, I know you’re here, I’m still here too, maybe you already knew that but it hasn’t gotten any easier” – Michonne

Still grieving, she tells us that it hasn’t got any easier for her in six years. You can’t help but feel sorry for her, and just want to jump through the screen and give her the huge hug (Not to mention telling her that Ricks alive!). However we can’t do that, and we’re shown a very depressed Michonne. She’s gone back to how she was when she first lost Andre, the dearest person to her until she found a reason to live on after finding Andrea at the end of Season Two.

“The path ahead has only grown darker” – Michonne

What does this mean? To me, it feels like Michonne is gradually becoming weaker. She’s getting to a point where she feels like she cant go on, but has to for Judith and RJ (Rick’s son) And having that weight on her shoulder is only making her become mentally weaker. So talking to Rick at his grave is her only way of making sense of things. She always looked to Rick for advice, and now that he’s gone she doesn’t have him to gain the strength or wisdom from.

In the intro, she enters an abandoned vehicle on the side of the road that’s been there for many years as it’s completely grown over with vines. Looking inside, we see her find a box that contains memorable items of someone’s past. First, she comes across a four leaf clover. Resembling luck, what could this mean? I think we all have an idea because we know that Rick is still alive. And that took some luck to get to that helicopter if you remember.

“Surrounded by darkness, there are still flashes of light” – Michonne

Now the most important part of this box, she picks up a toy figure of a sheriff. Instantly reminding her, as well as us of Rick. Listen back to the quote I included above. This figure, as well as the four leaf clover, are giving Michonne hope, these flashes of light. Why? Because she is so desperate to find something to relate with Rick, to hold onto as days go by.

I’ll also note here that this figure could be a hint or foreshadowing of Dwight’s return that I further explain here. But I’ll remind you if you don’t want to read it, Dwight made figurines back at the Sanctuary to pass time and to remind him of the past. He even made one for Rick that he left at Alexandria to show a sign of loyalty.

“So that’s what I do, every second of every day. For you, for us, I haven’t given up and I never will” – Michonne

The importance of this quote is incredible. It supports everything that I’ve just been talking about up above, as we see Michonne desperately trying to hold onto things. Trying to find the light in the path ahead of her, never giving up hope that Rick is still out there. This sets the mood for Michonne’s character this season. Yes, she appears to be broken, but the amount of strength she draws from Rick’s grave is astonishing. We will see just how ruthless and cautious she is in this new world.

Back at Alexandria

After visiting Rick’s grave Michonne arrives back at Alexandria and in front of her is the new group we’ve been introduced to consisting of Magna, Yumiko, Luke, Connie and Kelly. Being the head of security, the rest of the group are worried about what Michonne is going to say once they return. They know not to let new people enter, but Judith persuades Aaron to bring them back.

“Judith, you know the rules, you all do” – Michonne

As head of security, just like she and Rick were back in previous seasons she was the one that created the laws. She wrote them all, we’re shown that in previous episodes of Season 9. So people of Alexandria respect her, and her decisions. It’s almost as if they show slight fear towards her as we see Aaron back off once she tells him it wasn’t his call to make.

Looking down at Magna’s hands, she wonders why she is wearing fingerless gloves as she agrees for them to be held against the council to judge their stay at Alexandria. But why does this happen? We’ll get onto that next.

At the council meeting, Magna and her group are presented upon the council as the rest of the community watch. Aaron is leading the meeting, as Michonne observes them very carefully and everything they say especially Magna. As the meeting comes to an end, Michonne stands up and asks her own question that if not realised may have put Alexandria in danger.

“Decisions we’re about to make can come with a heavy price” – Michonne

She asks her question specifically to Magna. She asks to see her left hand like I mentioned above. What is seen is the mark of a prisoner. The four dots are the walls, with the fifth one in the middle being the prisoner. Magna has just lied to the council and put her group in jeopardy. But what was she in prison for? Hopefully, we’ll find out soon.

She also gives her another chance, asking her if she has anything to hide then say it now. She lies, again. As Michonne can see right through her, she demands her to put her knife on the table that Magna reveals hidden in her belt buckle. The rest of Magna’s group, along with Judith look at her not being able to understand why she hid a weapon away. But we’ll get onto that when we talk more about Magna later on.

“I remember, and I know that you do too” – Michonne

What could this mean? I think it could be something that we’ve not seen before that happened between the time jump. That could hint to someone’s death the last time they let someone in. Or could it be referring to something in the past, like the Wolves? As their weapons of choice were blades, and simply slaughtered people without reason. It could even be something I’ve missed and need to be reminded. If so, please let me know below.

Image result for rick speaks to phone

R.J & Judith

Further on in the episode, we see Judith stumble across Michonne talking to herself. Or Rick. We’re reminded that Michonne is still in touch with the grieving stage even after six years. Remember when Rick lost Lori? He spoke to voices in his head on the phone back in the prison. This is a reference to that, as Michonne is dealing with it in the same way. She notices that Judith has been listening in, as she sends her off to her lesson. Notice how once she realises Judith was there, she instantly comes back down to earth. Because she has to be there for her, to be the strong mother she’s always has been.

The lesson she was referring to was learning how to use her katana, that we can only presume Earl made for her a while ago back at Hilltop. In my previous review here you can find that I called her and Michonne having a similar scene like this in the future. (The scene where Michonne and Judith are fighting with sticks as Rick watched).

Towards the end of the episode, we’re shown Michonne enjoying normal life within her home she, Rick, Carl and Judith originally lived in. As she is spied on by Magna, she plans to attack Michonne but has her mind changed as we’re shown for the first time on screen “R.J” which could only mean Rick Junior. I think influence for this name came from Telltales The Walking Dead, as the baby in that game that Clementine brings up is called “AJ” standing for Alvin Junior.

This is the scene I am most interested in. My question is. Is R.J even real? I don’t believe so? Why? Let me explain. At the beginning of the episode, what do we see? Michonne talking to herself (Or Rick). Halfway through the episode, she speaks to herself once more before she is cut short by Judith.

“But you weren’t here, and neither was he, you didn’t have to go through” – Michonne

What could this mean? She is clearly referring to Rick and Carl here but what did Michonne have to go through without them being here? Was R.J born and lost along the way? Now let’s get back previously to the council meeting.

“I remember, and I know that you do too” – Michonne

We still don’t know what this means, did they suffer an attack in the past that led to the death of R.J? Michonne is adamant about not letting anyone in Alexandria.

How do we know that she isn’t having hallucinations just like Rick was? All the signs and hints are there that Michonne is mentally ill. If R.J is real, then that’s fair enough he most likely is but there was something in that scene that just made me think that it’s possible he might not be. We’ll find out soon enough!

Back to the scene, after seeing Michonne pick up R,J Magna knocks at the door handing over the last weapon she has hidden to protect her group as well as the others. They share a moment that can only help their relationship in the future. Thanking Magna, Michonne tells her that “We’ve all done things”. Which tells us that she is understanding why she did it.

“Judith Grimes!” – Michonne

The first real conversation between them both, Judith and Michonne share a very mother-daughter moment that is heartwarming. Judith is clearly brought up by Michonne, with Rick’s thoughts and intentions in mind. She is trying to bring her up the best she can without her dad, constantly reminding of his traits, strengths and also weaknesses that she can learn from.

“He would’ve been proud, your brother too” – Michonne

This line triggered waterworks, I’m still coming to terms that Carl has gone nevermind, Rick. So the writers are being clever as they pull on our heartstrings.

Judith knows that Michonne talks to Rick as well as Carl, but she doesn’t see that in a negative way. It’s almost as if she understands why she’s doing it.

“I’m starting to forget their voices, I’m not trying to but they keep fading away. I hope you can still hear them” – Judith

As heartbreaking as this is to hear, it’s something that happens to every child even out of the apocalypse. Being young, losing a loved one is hard. It’s also very easy to forget things, just like their voice as long-term memory starts to take effect.

Before Michonne even has a chance to react to what Judith just said, we see R.J run to her telling her that he’s hungry. Like mentioned above, I questioned if he is real or not. I believe it’s definitely possible that he might not be, especially with all the warning signs we’ve seen of Michonne struggling to cope which could be triggering hallucinations.

Now let’s move onto the final scene we see of Michonne this episode. Undressing as she prepares for a new day, we are shocked to see this scar that’s in a very familiar place  (Rick’s wound with the rebar). But what does it really mean? As mentioned before this could be evidence that she took a wound during her pregnancy that leads to the death of her child. Which would mean we’re seeing hallucinations, however, there are also other questions that are opened. Were they attacked previously in the time jump that we don’t know about that led to her being wounded? But why the X scarring? Why does the wound look so purposely done? Could it be self-inflicted? I doubt it is, as it would be relatively hard for her to reach her back.

It could mean a lot of things! Let me know below what you think.

Negan & Judith

Appearing only briefly in this episode, we see Negan still in the same cell after the six-year time jump. Note that down, Negan now has been in prison for well over seven years. But that doesn’t stop him from giving us a beautiful scene as he helps Judith with her homework. Do you think Michonne has allowed her to speak with him? I think so. I think to understand the world, Michonne can’t keep anything from her. Keeping secrets will only create questions in the future, so knowing everything that goes on is a very good chance for her survival as she grows up.

As Judith asks Negan for help on her homework, related to the speed and direction of planes. Negan replies with the famous sarcastic humour that we all love him for, but this time not inappropriately.

“Have you ever seen an aeroplane fly in any direction at any speed?”

This just shows us that Negan is very much intact with his personality. He hasn’t changed in that sense, whether or not he will have a different take on things once he is released we will have to find out. However, I am very much looking forward to the relationship between Judith and Negan growing.

He then goes onto ask Judith to ask him a question from the real world, not from the world she never knew about. This is showing that Negan genuinely cares about Judith’ upbringing, just in a different way. In a more realistic way, Negan knows that there will never be planes overhead again.

“You know the strangers we brought here yesterday? My mom’s gonna make them leave” – Judith
“No, I didn’t know, but let me guess you being you want to help them” – Negan
“I found them, I brought them here”. – Judith

Negan then goes onto tell us something about his past that we very rarely hear about. The only thing we hear about to do with Negans past is Lucille. His wife. However, now we’re being told that when he was a kid, they used to bring home stray dogs. Hinting that they owned a kennel of some sort. Telling her that they used to bring them home, and they’d all act the same way until one day they brought one home that acted the same way. But eventually attacked and killed the other dogs, along with biting off half his mum’s ear.

Why does he tell Judith that? It’s very relative to what she’s doing, wanting to bring in these people that seem nice and respectful, to begin with. But they could turn whenever they wanted, killing people that they care about without reasoning. Again, Negan is teaching Judith the real world. The one that we all have seen for the past nine years.

“Did you ever bring home another dog?” – Judith
“Hell no, I wised my ass up” – Negan
“Yeah, and look at how great everything turned out for you” – Judith

It looks like Judith has been told all about Negans past due to that comment, being locked away in a cell has obviously raised questions that she’s had to have answered by Michonne and others.

The comment Negan makes about wising his ass up is meaningful, it’s almost as if he agrees with Michonne for kicking them out of Alexandria. Even though he doesn’t know anything about them. He knows that Michonne knows what she’s doing, and respects that.

Magna’s Group

We’re first introduced to Magna’s group in last weeks episode (What comes after?), and if you’re still looking for profiles on them then you can go look at that here. I explain their background, personality as well as characteristics.

At the start of the episode, once the intro has finished, we’re put back where we left off in the previous episode just after Judith introduces herself. Running from the herd that are following them, we hear voices from Aaron (Ross Marquand), Eugene (Josh McDermitt), Rosita (Christian Serratos) and Laura the previous Saviour (Lindsley Register). They’re calling out to Judith as she’s either left Alexandria by herself or took a different direction from the group whilst out on a run. Arriving with the rest of them, they tell Aaron and the rest that they owe their lives to Miss Grimes.

As Judith looks to Aaron, telling him that if they can’t come with them then she doesn’t come either. Aaron has no other choice but to let them go back to Alexandria. Once at the gate, Magna’s group have their heads covered by sacks so they don’t know where they are. Just in case they’re bad people. They share a conversation once they see the walls of Alexandria, questioning if it’s going to be just like the previous groups they were in. (Joan Springs, Coalport) however, Judith reminds them that they’ll be safe here, even promising as she holds out her hand for Magna to hold.

“Holy shit” – Luke
“Wow” – Connie
“This is Alexandria, this is home” – Judith

Once inside Alexandria, they look upon amazement like they’ve never seen a community like this before. This tells us they’ve had a pretty rough past, almost like the groups Rick and the group encountered before Alexandria. As well as places they lived on, the Farm, Prison etc.

We now see a very different Alexandria from six years ago, the windmill is finally created that Michonne hinted at previously to help with the crops. New buildings are created, old ones are rebuilt as well as other vital components of a civilisation.

Once Siddiq tells them that they will be taking Yumiko to the infirmary Magna is adamant about going with her for her safety. This is because not only is she considered family, but also is her girlfriend too. They’re in a relationship and have been for a while now. As she tries to go with Yumiko she is stopped by D.J (previously a Saviour) who is clearly apart of the security of Alexandria, under Michonne.

Once Michonne arrives she questions what on earth they’re doing here. No one is allowed in Alexandria without her permission. D.J reports to her that there are five unknown members, all clean with one headed to the infirmary from injuries. Notice how Judith looks upon people, learning from them. Especially her mum Michonne.

Council Meeting

During this meeting, they’re asked a series of questions to get to know them a little bit more. These questions are:

(A) “Which one of you is the leader of the group?”
(B) “Did you know each other before?”
(C) “Who were you before?”
(D) “Who are you now?”
(E) “What did you do to survive?
To start with, let’s go over the answers to the first question (A). The first to answer is Magna, with the cocky tone she answers back with “What makes you think we have one?” Which isn’t a good first impression she’s setting.

(B) Luke answers this one, how he explains how all of them came together as the apocalypse occurred. First, it was Magna and Yumiko, with the addition of Connie and Kelly. Then Luke, and Bernie. Bernie was killed yesterday previously before Judith saved them. He then goes onto tell us that there were others, that just didn’t make it. The group were attached to Bernie, as they show great sadness. Especially Kelly.

(C) Luke answers as a Music Teacher. Magna answers as a waitress at a truck stop. Connie’s answer is spoken by Kelly, as she says she’s just a journalist that Kelly goes into detail about, exposing a group of politicians for who they were. Kelly is just a late teenager, she tells them that she was just at high school worrying about stupid shit, apart from the end of the world.

(D) Magna, answering first again and tells them that she is a fighter. Connie and Kelly claim they’re both each other guardian angels. Luke, lastly, answers truthfully as he still doesn’t know what is in this new world as he believes luck got him here. Telling them that he’s still just a music teacher and that education will always be here.

(E) Magna tells us that she did what she had to, which is something Rick would say. He would do anything to protect those he loved and we’re shown it from start to end. Connie answers by not giving up hope. Kelly, on the other hand, answers by simply growing up. Luke answers this one last and tells them that he didn’t do anything to deserve it claiming that he was lucky, and in the right place at the right time.

Luke is very talkative, which we all know isn’t always a good thing on the show. Talkative characters, when they’re introduced, don’t always end up going very far. Ending the questions, Aaron suggests a vote for them to stay until Michonne steps in.

Revealing the hidden tattoo on Magna’s hand, we see that she hasn’t been telling her the truth which I explained earlier. She was a prisoner. She even goes on to tell Michonne she isn’t hiding anything else until she pulls a knife from her belt buckle. This questions their stay at Alexandria, especially as they “willingly gave up their weapons before the gates”.

Moving on further in the episode, Magna’s group are given shelter for the night. Discussing inside what they should do, they know that Magna took Yumiko’s necklace from the infirmary as a weapon in case something else happened. But this isn’t what she’s planning, she’s planning to go over to where Michonne is staying and either threaten her or kill her. After a debate within the house, she hands over the necklace to Luke but later takes it from his pocket without him knowing and heads over to where Michonne is staying anyway. Witnessing Michonne spending time with her son, R.J. She realises that she’s in the wrong, and decides to hand over the last weapon she has to Michonne.

Towards the end of the episode, we see that the decision has been made to not allow them into the group. However, we’re told that they could be welcomed into a different group (Hilltop). Remember, Maggie has departed the show for now so we can only presume that Enid is the leader there, closely led by Jesus. They talk about how she, might not even let them in. Presuming that she’s still grieving over the disappearance of Maggie and possibly baby Hershel. The group thank Alexandria’s residents for its hospitality, but particularly thank Judith for saving their lives.

Connie and Kelly speak with Judith, as she thanks her in sign language. They share a heartwarming moment as Kelly teaches her a little sign language. Hinting at the future of Judith’s education, she could be taught it thoroughly by Kelly or Connie, or even Magna that knows some.


Rosita and Gabriel

Here’s an unexpected scene. Right after the council meeting we see Gabriel talking with Rosita about a plan him and Eugene have been discussing. A plan to increase the signal of their radio equipment to hopefully find new communities. Rosita and Gabriel have never really spoken previously, but once she enters the room a strange atmosphere is shown. We see Rosita and Gabriel, kiss. Yes, they’ve been confirmed to be an official couple on the show. Many people were hoping for Daryl and Rosita, or even Eugene and Rosita (That clearly has a crush on her) but instead we’re given this. I don’t know if this is to delay future relationships or not but it’s certainly unexpected.

Discussing the mission to Rosita, she agrees with it but:

“You know what Michonne is going to say” – Rosita
“Security beach, I know I know” – Gabriel

Even with knowing that Michonne disagrees with them and wouldn’t allow it, they go with the plan anyway. Which will only cause trouble I can imagine in the future for Alexandria.

Rosita and Eugene

Being the last two remaining of the three after Abrahams departure, we see them confidently working together as best friends in this episode. If you remember, Rosita never really liked Eugene but after he ended the war (Sabotaging Sanctuary bullets) she was able to eventually trust him again. Now in this episode, Eugene does hint at his crush on Rosita, but we’ll get into that in a little bit.

At the start of the episode, we see them amongst the group of survivors (Magna’s group) as they’re brought back to Alexandria. We see Eugene do something very unexpected, as the herd catches up with them he is the first to react. Very confidently and calmly killing three walkers with his knife. We’ve never seen this Eugene before, after the bonding with Rosita she must have finally given him those important lessons he never succeeded in previously. With his mullet now gone (Shock horror!), Eugene is now rocking a braid that actually suits him. So he’s still got his long hair, just in a very different way.

As for Rosita, she looks relatively the same but also with a change of hairstyle. Whether this is her usual look we don’t know, we’ll have to find out as the season progresses. We see that Rosita is a high ranking member of Alexandria, maybe apart of the scouting team, they have in place.

We’re shown Eugene and Rosita on a mission (That wasn’t granted permission to from Michonne) looking to install a piece of equipment high up on a water tower. That could hopefully boost their signal back home, to try and radio new communities that are distant. Could this be hinting at the Commonwealth? We know they’re far so they could end up interacting with them at some point. As previously mentioned before, Eugene seems to have a crush on Rosita and she knows of it. Eugene speaks in his typical tongue.

“Facts and science, versus fables and fairy tales, generally speaking” – Eugene
“Anyone specific in mind?” – Rosita
“Generally speaking, as I said” – Eugene

This shows us that he has a crush on Rosita, and she is aware of it. But when she questions him about it he backs off, almost embarrassed by it like a teenager. As they carry on we see them approach a huge amount of tracks in the road that they can only describe as walkers, which could potentially block their path. However, Eugene confidently tells Rosita they’re heading West. So opposite direction from the herd. But we all know what those were, it’s the Whisperers.

As they approach the water tower, we see Eugene climb to put up the equipment to boost the signal. This shows us just how strong and confident he has become, before the time jump he wouldn’t have dreamed of doing something like this. Activating the equipment, he begins to descend down the ladder but as he does so, he spots the herd that was originally heading in the opposite direction. Straight to them.

“Ro, herd!” – Eugene
“Get your ass down, now!” – Rosita

Dropping Eugene’s backpack down the tower, along with the horses being scared and fleeing. They’re left in a predicament, as Eugene falls from quite a way up to the ground after knocking part of the ladder to the floor hurting his leg in the process. Yet again though, he shows confidence as he doesn’t hesitate to drop from the ladder.

“Herd must of flipped a hardcore U on the DL” – Eugene

Giving him a makeshift crutch, Rosita and both Eugene flee the area. But what did Eugene mean by “U on the DL”? It means a U-turn on the Down Low. Which he’s confused about, we know that the herd was heading East. And making little to no noise, it switched patterns and headed West right to them. This is another hint that the Whisperers are coming.

Comic Spoiler: This is a very famous ladder in the Comic Books. I won’t spoil it too much, but this scene shown on TV was focusing on the footing of Eugene. This could be potential foreshadowing or hint that another character may end up leaving the show.

“I cannot keep on moving on” – Eugene

Later on, we’re cut back to Eugene and Rosita fleeing the herd. Eugene panics and tells Rosita to go on without him. As he’s about to admit his love to Rosita, she tells him to shut up and stop being weird. Pulling him away, they retreat once again through the forest with a herd of walkers closely behind.

As the episode comes to a close, the very last scene we’re shown Eugene and Rosita a final time. They’re being now closed down by the walkers, meaning that they’re increasing their speed slightly but not enough to be noticed by them both. Their only point at this moment in time is to hide. But they need to cover their scent if they’re to hide from the herd successfully. Both covering themselves in mud they hide and hold their breaths whilst the herd passes. They’re both terrified at this next moment in the scene, the walkers, speak.

“Where are they?” – Whisperer #1
“They must be close” – Whisperer #2
“Don’t let them get away” – Whisperer #3

This now proves that this herd aren’t in fact walkers. They’re The Whisperers. This is their official introduction to the show, as Rosita and Eugene are shocked to hear what just came from their mouths. Remember, they don’t have a clue who the Whisperers are yet, so this much have been horrendous for them to hear.


The character we’ve been looking forward to the most, to see how he’s coping with the loss of his brother, Rick. Daryl has isolated himself from the world, as he feels responsible yet again for someone’s death. He could also be out here because of Maggie, after her departure we don’t know if Daryl feels responsible for that too. We see him in the intro of the episode, as a wanderer. Living beside the river, potentially to hopefully find Rick one day. Gathers food by fishing, and sleeps in a makeshift tent. We see him as he would have been if he didn’t find Glenn or any of the others. He’d still be with Merle out in the open, or even sided with the Governor at Woodbury.

Wandering through the forest, he comes across a very unique walker that we’ve never seen before. Only a slight comparison would be the walker in Season 3 that Hershel and Carl come across in the woods, stuck to a tree as it has fungus, plants growing out of it etc.

Related image
Season 3

In this shot, we see a walker actually in the tree. Showing that it got stuck there years ago, and has become more and more trapped within it. This is showing just how much the world has changed in six years. The Walkers are becoming next to no threat, almost as if they’re all dying out. We’re seeing the world in a state of extinction, even worse than we were before.

The only scene we see Daryl in after the intro is when Carol and Henry come across him in the woods. A slight smile is shown by Daryl as he’s pleased to see Carol and Henry. This is telling us that he hasn’t really seen her in a while, or anyone for that matter. Hopefully, in next weeks episode, we get an insight into how Daryl is living.

Residents of Alexandria

Throughout the episode, we’re shown other notable members of the group still existing in this world. Aaron, who is the head of the council as well as the father of Gracie (The baby that was found after Rick killed a previous member of the Saviours). Also, after his dreaded accident at the logging site back in Episode two of Season nine, losing his arm. We can only presume his new arm has been made by Earl (The Blacksmith) from Hilltop as well as ideas from Eugene.


Other notable members of the episode include Laura and D.J. These were previous members of the Saviours at the Sanctuary. Laura was a very high ranking officer under Negan, he even trusted her. She exposed Dwight for what he did to the Saviours and left his life in danger however he managed to escape. As for D.J, he was following Jed as he took leading the Saviours into his own hands. Even blamed Daryl for the disappearance of the Saviours back before the time jump. But now seems to be under Michonne’s leadership as a high ranking member of the Security team of Alexandria.

Final Words

After the very explosive departure of Rick Grimes, not to mention heartbreaking. We could only hope for the following episode to be just as good as that one. And it was, just like before there are lots of stuff happening. New relationships, friendships, new characters as well as new villains. I was looking forward to this time jump for a long time, and I think it’s done wonders for the show. With ratings increasing, along with viewers it’s only showing promise for what’s to come in the future.

Overall Rating 9.2/10

Have any comments, theories, questions? Please feel free to comment below or contact me via the contact page. Thanks for reading, I hope to hear from you soon.

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